Preservation Trades Workshop featuring masters of the traditional building trades, presenting "hands on" demonstrations of preservation and restoration techniques in the heart of New Castle's National Historic Landmark District.  This event will feature learning opportunities for people of all backgrounds and skill levels with an interest in preserving and maintaining historic buildings.  Sessions will be of interest to: owners of historic buildings; contractors; students; architects and preservationists; heritage commission and historical society members.  Demonstrations will include: restoring wood windows and doors; historic paints and finishes; plaster repair; timber framing; masonry repair; and stained glass restoration.

The workshop will be held rain or shine on the historic Green between Market and Third Streets, in New Castle, Saturday, August 12, from 10:30am – 6:30pm, and Sunday, August 13th, from 9:00am – 6:00pm.  Admission is $50/day ($20/day for residents of the Town of New Castle).  For more information call NCHS at 302-322-2794.  Workshop schedule and registration information at:

New Castle, founded by Peter Stuyvesant in 1651 as the seat of the New Netherlands government, served as the colonial capital of Delaware until 1766.  The Historic District offers a broad range of architectural styles essentially unchanged from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Since its founding in 1934, the New Castle Historical Society has worked to promote historical awareness, and encourage the preservation of historical architecture, documents and material culture in New Castle.  Three historic houses and gardens managed by the Society – the Amstel House, Dutch House and Old Library Museum are open to the public for group and individual tours. The Historical Society is also involved in educating the public about the history of New Castle and in disseminating information through exhibits, programs, lectures, publications and resource materials. The Historical Society has a broad base of community membership for which it provides programming and from which it derives volunteer support.  (

The Preservation Trades Network (PTN) is a non-profit membership organization committed to representing and strengthening the role of the traditional trades in the preservation process through education, networking, and outreach.  PTN is an umbrella organization that unites a variety of trades involved in building and preservation including: timber framing, carpentry, masonry, plaster, painting and decorative arts, historic roofing, and metallurgy.  This networking process, which is fundamental to the PTN effort, has established a strong foundation for collaboration and exchange with programs in the United States and abroad.  Since 1997, PTN has presented an annual International Preservation Trades Workshop (IPTW), attracting presenters and participants from nine different countries as well as the US and Canada.  The New Castle Preservation Trades Workshop will bring the successful IPTW format to a regional and local setting.  PTN is working to sustain the success of existing trades education programs, recognizing the contributions of the masters of the trades, and creating opportunities for future generations of tradespeople.  ( and

Other partnering organizations include: the City of New Castle Mayor and Council; Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs; Historical Society of Delaware; Historic Area Commission of New Castle; New Castle Visitors Bureau; and Velocipede Museum


New Castle Preservation Trades Workshop Demonstrators and Presenters

Graham Banks - Hayles and Howe, Maryland
Historic Plaster Repair Techniques
Live demonstration of plaster repair at historic properties on the New Castle Green using traditional tools, materials and techniques.

Robert Cagnetta - Heritage Restoration, Inc., Rhode Island
Winging it on the Job

Using a few tools to make almost anything. The essentials for the generic list. From painting to masonry to carpentry - how to get it done.

Rhonda L. Deeg - Harford Community College, Maryland
Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

Learn the basics of how to repair and maintain leaded and stained glass windows. History, tools, techniques and types of glass will be covered. 

Andy deGruchy - deGruchy Masonry Restoration, Inc., Pennsylvania
Patch pointing and repair of Historic brickwork
Patch pointing and repair of historic brickwork using lime and sand.

John Friedrichs - New Dimension Building, Virginia
Brick Paving Restoration
Hands on workshop on the New Castle Green in dry laid brick paving restoration- the hows, whys, tools, and materials. 

David Gibney- Historic Restoration Specialists, Maryland
Porches and Porticos
Learn about exterior porches and early American pattern books that were used for the design of porches and porticos followed by a demonstration on tools, techniques for repair and maintenance.

Duffy Hoffman - Hoffman Painting and Refinishing, Pennsylvania
Restoration and Weatherization of Window Frames
Restoration of wood windows through re-installation and weatherization. Overview of the history of  window sash and glass, removal, repair, glazing and re-installation.  

Duffy Hoffman - Hoffman Painting and Refinishing, Pennsylvania
Paint Practices for Historic Structures
Discussion of modern and traditional paint methods, including appropriate preparation, paint and primer selection and application. Learn about traditional paint colors, tools, techniques and safety practices. 

Cliff Hoffman - Hoffman Painting and Refinishing, Pennsylvania
Chair Caning- on-going
Learn the basics of how to properly cane your antique chairs.

Glenn James- Craftwright, Inc, Maryland
The Timber Framer’s Take on if Walls Could Talk
Replicating the timber frame behind the wattle and daub plaster wall at the Historic Dutch House.  

Mike Logan- Howard County Recreation and Parks, Maryland
The Timber Framer’s Take on if Walls Could Talk
Replicating the timber frame behind the wattle and daub plaster wall at the Historic Dutch House.  

Al White- Howard County Recreation and Parks, Maryland
The Timber Framer’s Take on if Walls Could Talk
Replicating the timber frame behind the wattle and daub plaster wall at the Historic Dutch House.  

Joan Larrivee - Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs
Delaware's Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program
Provides information on qualifying for receipt of Delaware's Historic Preservation Tax Credits.  This program assists property owners in the preservation of historic buildings and encourages reinvestment in existing communities by providing Delaware income tax credits for the substantial rehabilitation of National Register-listed properties. 

Robert Mosko - Mosko Cemetery Monument Services, Pennsylvania
Cost Specifics of Cemetery Conservation
Discussion of the costs and techniques used in the conservation of cemetery headstones.

Art Novotny III- Arts Odd Jobs- Maryland
Blacksmithing- On-going
Basics of forge and blacksmithing work.

Jack Patchin, Ol' House Experts, Maryland & John Lindtner, Building Preservation Services, Delaware
Privy Repair- On-going
Maintenance and repair of the historic privy located behind the Old Library Museum.  

Jeffrey Price - Virginia Lime Works, Virginia
Masonry Mortars - Past and Present

Discussion and demonstration about various traditional mortars from the U.S. and around the world.  

Jimmy Price - Virginia Lime Works, Virginia
Brick Sculpture- On-going
Demonstration of the art of brick sculpture. 

Mike Orrell- Hoffman Painting and Refinishing, Inc., Pennsylvania
Historic Doors and Shutters
Problems in situ; inspection on the bench. Is disassembly necessary? Using a Dutchman: epoxy overview. Techniques for replacing louvers without disassembly. Common repairs and their solutions. Rehanging a door or shutter. Weather stripping: applied vs. integrated. Hardware: restoring, installing, fine tuning. General working principles and how they affect the outcome of a project.  

Tim Winther - Cresthill Stoneworks, Virginia
Corner Stones: Material Selection to Setting
Demonstration of making and setting a finished stone and tools, materials, and safety concerns.

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