Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve taken personal inventory lately and have determined to do something significant in order to make a positive difference in the community around you, let me offer a suggestion. The biblical statement “There is nothing new under the sun”, Ecclesiastes 1:9, means just that. All of the conclusions that were once drawn, fought over and adhered to by our forefathers lie dormant in many ways until they are re-discovered, sometimes re-named and then brought back to life as we make them our own. Historical buildings have volumes to teach us if we will only listen to their many stories. Everyday you might pass a building such as the Old Church School on Rte. 212 in Pleasant Valley and not realize the lessons that are waiting to be taught to you if you only stopped and if only those walls could talk. Preservation Societies like the Springfield Township Historical Society carefully guard the precious historical events within their significant structures so as to keep the wisdom, graced by the voices of the past, alive and their own soul young. They do it because of the fulfillment gained by knowing that they are a guardian and steward of a trust. The trust is to keep the legacy alive for what the old school means to the Springfield Township community. A noble undertaking. One that needs more guardians. Will you partner with them and us, the deGruchy Masonry Company, to intervene to save the building and love it back to life? We have offered to them the impetus to start restoration to the masonry in the spring of 1999 by forgiving any cost we would have otherwise charged to them to restore the two sides of brickwork seen in the photo below. However, if the readers of this letter contribute to this cause and the Historical society pays our “ghost” bill, we will move our offer and operation to another Non-profit 501[c](3) historical society’s site and start the whole thing all over again. If we expend our donations budget on this building alone, it will simply end what we are able to do for this year. We hope you can help us help save our history and by digging up the past, learn once more that there is nothing new under the sun...just faith, hope, love...and a lot of hard work! May God bless you with your New Year’s resolution.

BEFORE - The Old Church School - Built 1892
Rte. 212, Pleasant Valley, PA

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