Our Specific

Community Service Goal

deGruchy Masonry, Inc. plans to teach volunteers or owner-selected crews that are local to a project "Anywhere, USA" a substantial phase of the use of lime mortar for repointing, plastering on adobe or straw bales, lime painting, (as some examples), each year at no cost to the society.

deGruchy Masonry will supplement in whole or in part, from its own yearly operating budget, the funds to pay for all of their own costs to run the workshop. In some cases societies may have received donations for supplementing the cost of a workshop and the complete project. In either case of raising private donations or depleting deGruchy's yearly budgeted "donations sum", it is intended that the workshop will be done at no cost to the society.


Spreading the


The first motivator for deGruchy Masonry, Inc. to plan and run a training workshop is that the wealth of knowledge in the use and value of traditional materials will be passed on to others in a community. This includes professional trades people. It is the hope that the workshop participants may apply the use of new methods and materials to other similar projects. In doing so, more historic buildings may be preserved or new buildings built with sustainability in mind.

The second part of "Spreading the Common-Wealth" is that deGruchy Masonry, Inc. hopes that a society receiving donations in excess of the amount required to restore or build their building will consider kick-starting another society's training workshop by underwriting all or part of a new workshop for them using some excess proceeds.

Donations received by the historical society from the public to support the complete masonry restoration or green building project and the value of a donated workshop may leverage matching grants from State/Federal or private trusts if the society pursues the application for such grants.

An ordered list of incorporated societies, no matter how small the membership, will be compiled by deGruchy Masonry from the recommendation of anyone who hears of this work and responds with the name of a non-profit 501(c) (3) society with a masonry restoration or sustainable building need. The criteria for ordering urgency is first the need

There are two points that both the donators and the non-profit Society must realize are fundamental to what is motivating deGruchy Masonry, Inc. to plan and organize a training workshop. These motivations are embodied in the titles:

1. "Spreading the Common-Wealth"

2. "Spreading the Word Through a Dedication Service."


that a structure displays for immediate attention to preserve unique architectural and historic elements.

deGruchy Masonry will only advise by sharing their compiled list so that the society can make an informed choice of where to send the excess donation if they don't know of a neighbor in need. Donators must be told by the society that there may be another non-profit society in which their donations may trickle down to. Donators must know that every donation they make to a non-profit group is tax-deductible and the society to which they originally donated to will give them a receipt for their donation.

It is believed by many that acts of goodwill are contagious. So the challenge to come to the aid of another Society is suggested by this motivation called  "Sharing the Common-Wealth" in order to get even more momentum going in the worthy pursuit of Historic Preservation and Green Building.

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