Spreading the Word

Through a Dedication Service

The second motivator for deGruchy Masonry, Inc. to plan and run a volunteer training workshop is to undergird and remember ideals associated with the building.

There is always a worthy reason behind the decision that something should be saved. When we do save a building or conscientiously build a new one we are making a statement of what we value. All these efforts strengthen the awareness of the cultural resource in a community and will help to ensure that future generations can remain educated about it's importance and enjoy it rather than allowing it to slip away.

deGruchy Masonry encourages the actual reenactment of an original dedication service held at a restored historical building.

If, however, society members create a new dedication service in the theme of what may have been the historic building's most significant time period an opportunity to educate the local community will present itself about the treasure they have in their midst. All of this work is about strengthening community.

A specific purpose for this challenge is to stimulate thinking during the dedication service that will hopefully stir up the intentions of those in attendance to further commit themselves to the ideals presented.

Something may inspire listeners to strengthen a like-minded world view or alter their current one as valid and intriguing thoughts spoken "ring true" in their minds. At least the dedication service will document and educate the community about the mind-set of the historically significant figure(s) of the past as their belief system, core values and passions are expounded upon at that service.

It is a way to say "Thanks" too! Invitations to all the networked participants who helped make the restoration possible as well as the local community into whose hands the stewardship building is delivered and entrusted will hopefully sense the pride in a job well done. A physical dedication service will set aside time to reflect upon the past and begin a starting point to move the group forward with a revitalized mission using the newly restored or sustainable building.


In the literature that is distributed at the dedication service it would be useful to answer these questions:

1. Who were historically significant person(s) that occupied time and had an influence at the historical structure?

2. What was the fundamental core of his/her passions?

3. What was their faith or what world view drove their passions

4. Why is their world view historically significant as an All-American ideal which fosters freedom of speech and religion and the self-evident truths about each person's equality and inalienable rights?

5. How will the historical society preserve and perpetuate, for the good of our future generations, this important person and their ideal which is partially represented by the existence of the restored historical building?

A few moments of silence or a prayer of re-dedication spoken in the vein of the belief system of the honored figure or people group should be offered at the service.

Andrew deGruchy, owner of deGruchy Masonry, Inc. would gladly allow the default in preparing this spiritual moment to fall to him. It coincides with his beliefs that there is a God and that God will endorse and bless any restorative work that saves and protects any principle of common truth.

Andrew deGruchy has a Judeo/Christian world view which he believes communicates the truth that God's own goal is for the restoration of all people unto Himself.

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