Specially Formulated Brick, Stone and Terracotta Patching Material
Based on Natural Hydraulic Lime.

Repairing damaged stonework begins by identifying and understanding the reasons for decay. The usual reasons are excessive moisture, poor repairs, mechanical damage and natural decay. A major reason for damage is inappropriate repairs. Hard pointing or cement-based repair materials are very damaging to soft stone. Lithomex, a lime-based material, is flexible, porous, and lets the building breathe. Hard cement-based materials trap in moisture and salts. Patching stone can be very effective, affordable and can be reversible. The patching material must match the color and texture of the existing stone. It must adhere well, be breathable and have similar thermal expansion and weathering characteristics. Lithomex fulfills these requirements in most cases and, when applied by skilled craftsmen, will lend itself to a perfect match.

Stock Lithomex Colors:

Lithomex can be purchased in 1-quart, 1-gallon or 55 pound units. Pricing is as follows:
1-quart Lithomex non-pigmented and any stock color is $25.00
1-gallon Lithomex non-pigmented or any stock color is $45.00
1-gallon Lithomex custom color is $65.00*
55 pounds Lithomex non-pigmented is $95.00
55 pounds Lithomex stock color is $145.00
55 pounds Lithomex custom color is $145.00*

*Price after initial custom color simulation fee of $125. More Information.

Lithomex - Brick, Stone & Terracotta Repair Mortar Samples Kit:
(Cured samples only without actual useable material which is contained in The Master Conservator’s Kit)

Contains 24 samples of tinted St. Astier Lithomex (Based on Natural Hydraulic Lime Binders)
Cost is $75.

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Any of the stock Lithomex brick and stone repair mortars can be blended at different ratios to obtain a new hue that may simulate the color of the material you are trying to match.

The following 24 tiles are in the Lithomex Brick, Stone & Terracotta Repair Mortar Samples Kit:

Non-Pigmented Lithomex

LMBR11 Chocolate Brownstone w/Mica

LMBR8 Light Brownstone w/Mica

LMBR7 Dark Browstone

LMEXST0060 Dark Reddish Brownstone

LMRD13.25 Brick Red Brownstone

LMEXST0021 Slate

LMRD5 Salmon Brick

LMRD13.5 Dark Brick

LMEXBR0013 Buff Brick

LMRD12.5 Deep Salmon Brick

LMTN4 Dark Limestone

LMTN 3 Light Indy Limestone

LMEXTC1002 Orange Terracotta

LM100 Yellow Terracotta

LMEXST0062 Raw Umber Sandstone

LM250 Taupe Sandstone

LMGN2 Serpentine

LMEXST0064 Blue Stone

White Modifier

Red Modifier

Black Modifier

Yellow Modifier

Blue Modifier


Examples of blends of Lithomex to create a custom Lithomex material:

Marble Wissahickon Schist

Many factors affect how images appear on your computer monitor and how they print on your specific printer. It is suggested that you send us a sample or purchase the stock Lithomex kit so that you may view each tile individually or hold the tiles up to a building to determine a match. If you send us a sample we will call you, free of charge, to make a suggestion if one of our stock lithomex colors is similar to the sample you send.

The Master Conservator's Kit

The Master Conservator’s Kit is a collection of products used for on site mock-ups, small repairs and color simulations of Brick, Stone, Terracotta and Lime Mortars when attentively designing appropriate and compatible restoration mortars for the conservation of historic masonry elements/structures:

Master Kit


The Graveyard Kit:

Please inquire for suggested recipes and take our class before using the material:

Waterglass is a grain strengthener, fortifier and conditioner put into a weak and friable stone prior to doing a repair with Lithomex.

Lithomex is a brick and stone patching material which comes in marble, Indiana limestone, bluestone, slate and sandstone to make 9 types of stone repairs.

Ecologic™ Mortar(F) is for making lime putty to make a setting mortar.

Platinum whitewash is a bright white mineral paint used for whitewashing stones.

Casein glue is used to make a thin brick and stone attachment mortar for work remaining outdoors.

D/2 Biological Solution is a cleaner for removing biological deposits.

Lime Grout Type I is an injectable grout to fill in voids found in the stone.

Pug Duct Putty is plumbers putty used to create a dam to hold grout in place until it cures.

The cost is $350 for the kit.
Workshops are scheduled with groups of 10 or more each buying a kit.

Examples of work performed using Lithomex:

Before Repairs

After Repairs

After Repairs



Before - Rough concrete balcony

After - A family crest sculpted in place



Before - Conshohocken United Methodist
After restoration to the bell tower
After restoration to the bell tower
Repaired brownstone using Lithomex


Built in the late 1800's, this New York City style "brownstone" home is the only one of its kind in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The brownstones were pulling away from the back-up brickwork and each stone varied in its degree of degradation. The ornate faces of carved brownstone had blistered and exfoliated. St. Astier's Lithomex, a stone and brick repair material was used. Even the minute bedding cracks were repaired using a colored St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime for consolidation work. The facade was also completely repointed using only St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime and sand.

Photos: (Click a photo to enlarge)


Project: The Princeton War Memorial
Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Architect: Ford Farewell Mills & Gatsch, Architects, Princeton, NJ
Conservator: Aegis Restauro, LLC, Belle Mead, NJ
St. Astier Product used: Custom Colored Lithomex prepared by deGruchy's Lime Works.US


Lithomex Custom Brick and Stone Patching Material

Lithomex Data Sheet

Lithomex Cut Sheet

Lithomex Material Safety Data Sheet

Specifications for Brick / Stone Repair (Lithomex)

Lithomex User Recommendations & Data

Water Ratios and Proper Mixing of Colored Mortars