Example Training Day Agenda

A sample training day agenda for a case specific application that we designed and carried out at a building in Michigan.


A Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar application Training Day for Casein Grout Injection into a brick wythe collar joint and Pointing of the Brickwork with NHL mortar.

Items covered:

Casein grout: (after all holes are pointed up to close places grout would escape and these cracks are marked with a oil pencil where fill ports will be)

1.     Make 3/8” outlet port at bottom of lifts and thoroughly saturate in the above holes you are injecting. Water should come out of the outlet ports before grouting. If there is no water then casein won’t make it either and suction will dry up the grout on the side walls in the cavity

2.     1 bag of NHL 3.5 and 10.5 gallon of water for 1/8” or smaller cracks or 1 bag of NHL 3.5 and 10.5 gallons of fine SAND and water to make paste then add no more than 3% of casein. 1% is sufficient to go fluid.

3.     Mix using 1500-2000 rpm. drill and paddle for 5-8 minutes with the casein added.

4.     Fill port using syringe, funnel, grout gun until grout comes out of lower port. Plug hole with fairly dry NHL mortar.


1.     Thoroughly flush wall and joints of dust using water and saturate wall with fine mist until you reach saturation and no standing water.

2.     Mix with a consistent amount of water as dry as possible but plastic enough to point with.

3.     Point from the top of the building coming down.

4.     Point in ¾”-1” lifts on a single pass. Overfill joints if possible and leave them covered with dampened burlap to be “cut” the next day. On that second day, tap the joints lightly with a churn brush to slightly compact the lime mortar, open the pore structure and expose the aggregate for blending in patch pointed areas. Knocking the brush bristles against the adjacent masonry will clean off residue of mortar to a degree.

5.     Cover your work with burlap sheets to allow a breathable cover which restricts the elements and slows drying out too quickly.

6.     Keep misting the wall twice a day for a minimum of 72 hours. “Cherishing” the wall with water mist for a week is a good practice.

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