Join at the IPTW 2015 in Burlington Vermont

July 22 – 24, 2015 for all the trades under one roof.

IPTW will be having two Grave Restoration Workshops at IPTW in July in

Burlington, Vermont at the Shelburne Farm on Lake Champlain.

If you register for IPTW, email us a copy of your paid IPTW registration to or, and with this voucher you can purchase a Graveyard Kit for $75.00 plus shipping! (A retail value of $400.)

Click here to learn more about our Graveyard Kit.  Any questions, please call us at 215-536-6706.

A limited number of 10 kits will also be available for sale at IPTW workshops at $100.00 each as an IPTW Vermont program special.  You can take both workshops if you like when you register for IPTW.  Please do not bring your Graveyard Kit with you.  We will be demonstrating using the products in our kit, so save your material for your own work.


Workshop #1

“Conscientious Conservation”

Andy deGruchy leads a workshop working with an historical stone marker of an actual gravesite.  He will discuss the considerations one must make when attempting to conserve such sacred objects.  He will talk about the least invasive (level 2) intervention methodology.  There will be hands on work and a demonstration of our own custom archival software which organizes the setting up of a conservation campaign.

Workshop #2

“Respectful Restoration”

Dan Montgomery will lead a workshop working with an historical stone marker of an actual gravesite. He will discuss the ramifications of restoration when more invasive actions are taken to refurbish a broken marker.  The intervention is a lot like surgery.  He will be using products from our graveyard kit to make those repairs.


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