D/2 Biological Cleaner – Winter Special 2015

Safely Cleans Natural Stone/ Masonry/Wood/Canvas/Vinyl

10% Off   Through March 31, 2015

Enter Code:  D2CEM15 at our online store shoplimeworks.us

D2 bottleD 2 GravestoneBirdbath

Stock up on D/2

·       1 gallon containers

·       5 gallon containers

·       No minimum

·       Proper Stone Cleaning

·       Cleaning effects continue over time after the initial application

10 % off D/2 SALE through March 31, 2015 (does not include shipping) 

We can ship directly to the location of your choice.

Call today to place your order:  215-536-6706 or you may order online at shoplimeworks.us.    You can find the D/2 under the Supplements Category.

Please share this with your purchasing agent or your contractor who will be performing the gravestone care.

Enter Code:  D2CEM15 at checkout or mention it when you call!

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