Repointing A Historic New Jersey Home

Historic masonry restoration completed by the Technical Install Team of in Moorestown, New Jersey. This circa 1790 historic brick home was repointed using Ecologic™ Mortar. Ecologic™ Mortar is made with Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) and contains NO harmful Portland Cement. The use of Portland Cement to repoint historic buildings will cause premature degradation which may include spalling of historic bricks, moisture build up within the walls, damage from salts, and poor water vapor transmission. Water trapped within masonry walls may negatively encourage moisture issues to begin within the building including mold, mildew, and interior wall damage as well as increase heating and cooling costs.









What is especially unique about this repointing job is that the entire front façade was found to have remnants of the original white highlighting done within a narrow keyway incised into the center of the joint work. Many photos in the video correspond to the side walls which were simply repointed using the Natural Hydraulic Lime and sand Ecologic™ Mortar struck flat and having no such embellishment. However, the front was accurately reproduced with the highlighting work which is referred to historically as “Penciling.” To learn more about the methods and materials used for appropriate historic masonry restoration visit (Linked-in : Facebook : Twitter)