Master Stroke Series - Complete Collection

The Master Stroke 5 disc DVD tutorial includes detailed information and training on how to make and work with lime mortars. Training & Retraining for the SKILLS needed TODAY! Essential viewing for everyone involved in the building process:

  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Building Conservation Officers
  • Building Procurement Managers
  • Homeowners

The Stonemason's Gospel According to Ian Cramb

The Stonemason’s Gospel According to Ian Cramb is the second book by Ian Cramb, released in 2011 this is a continuation of his first book The Art of the Stonemason. Ian Cramb was a fifth generation stonemason from Scotland and passed away on July 6, 2013 in his home in Bangor, Pa. This book is a culmination of a lifetime dedicated to masonry.

Ian participated in the first ever Preservation Hangout on Google+ along with Randy Ruth and Sean Maxwell of and Douglas Morrison and Scott Mcgibbon of Glasgow City College. Ian discusses his book and a few of his restoration projects including Iona Abbey.

Applying Lime Renders - Master Stroke Series

This DVD tutorial looks at the fundamentals of rendering with lime mortars, whether for restoration, conservation or new build work and includes the correct procedures to adopt for different masonry backgrounds such as brick, natural stone and concrete block. Easy to follow procedures on:

  • Background preparation
  • Suction control
  • Pricking up coats
  • Coat thickness
  • Straightening and finishing coats
  • Hand or mechanical application
  • Scaffold requirements
  • Curing and protection

This DVD is essential viewing for all involved in applying, managing of procuring render work. From the largest site to the small house extension - it will prove invaluable time and time again.

Making Lime Mortars - Master Stroke Series

The subjects covered in this tutorial include:

  • How to set up a properly laid out and productive site mixing area
  • Checking that sand and aggregates are fit for purpose
  • The determination of silt and clay content in sands and aggregates
  • Checking the void ratio of sands and aggregates
  • The binder to sand ratios
  • Mixing times
  • Using the most suitable equipment to establish rigor in procedure to guarantee repeatability and consistency in every batch of mortar to ensure that the mortars supplied to the mason, bricklayer or plasterer are the same each and every time.

If mortars are made correctly then a large number of problems of failed, cracked, crazed or boss render, plaster or pointing work will be eliminated.

Applying Lime Plaster - Master Stroke Series

Plastering plain and simple. This tutorial covers the basics of plastering including applying lime plaster over solid backgrounds or timber laths. Starting with the first coat - through application, keying and curing - the viewer is taken through the whole process of plastering with lime.
The subjects covered include:

  • Correct background preparation, ensuring a good bond between coats for two and three coat work
  • The correct selection of lath including preparation and fixing for both riven (split) and sawn lath
  • Working with 'grounds'
  • Screeding a wall to 'flat' and forming a return angle to square
  • The use of different mixes for the finish coats of 'setting stuff'.
  • There is even a section on plaster repair and patching.

This DVD is full of tips and tricks of the trade and is a must-see for anyone wishing to extend their range of skills, specify work, manage plastering site work or for home owners who employ plasterers.

Building & Pointing With Lime - Master Stroke Series

Masonry construction and joint finishing, whether for traditional or new build, requires an understanding of the use of correct mixes - fit for purpose in relation to exposure, location and environment. This tutorial covers all the most important elements of building, joint finishing and masonry re-pointing using lime mortars.
This DVD shows the removal of deteriorated old joints, the correct preparation of joints, the placing of new mortar and the sequencing and protection of new and finished work to ensure that re-pointing work is successful every time.
This tutorial also features building new work in brick, stone and brick to arm the builder, architect, site manager, home owner or self builder with the necessary knowledge to confidently use lime mortars for a whole host of masonry building and re-pointing work.

Surface Repair Of Masonry - Master Stroke Series

In this DVD you will see the essentials of surface repair, using the Lithomex family of repair materials, creating or re-creating correct surface textures, tooling and colors. This DVD outlines the basic principles of repairs, examines the technical requirements of surface repair mortars and the means by which they can be used to re-create virtually any masonry type. You will learn to mix, apply, and finish Lithomex Sandstone and Brick, use multiple colors, execute various forms of tooling and create finishes that closely match the original materials to such an extent that once complete, even the most experienced eyes should be unable to detect between the original and the repair.

Traditional Masonry Building Using Lime Mortars

This excellent DVD presentation takes the viewer on a journey into the understanding of the materials and practical repair techniques required to conserve, repair and maintain our traditional masonry buildings using lime mortars. This DVD is a powerful training tool for anyone involved in the masonry contracting industry and the built heritage sector. The viewer is taken through a step by step process that informs the requirements for traditional building repair, from the traditional survey to materials analysis, from the production of building lime to pointing rubble walls and from applying lime finishes to lime washing, and much much more.
A single video produced by the Scottish Lime Centre which covers a larger overview of lime mortar and plaster installations