Ecologic® Mineral Paint System

Silicate Dispersion Paint is also known as Inorganic Mineral Paint. It was developed in Germany in the late 1800s. Since then this type of paint has evolved into a first-class interior and exterior decorative, protective coating with out-standing technical quality features.

Conventional Latex Dispersion Paint fails prevailingly due to aging of the latex resin or due to moisture trapped underneath the paint coat. When exposed to rising temperatures the trapped moisture tries to evaporate, but is retained by an impermeable paint film. As a result the water-vapours lift the paint film ( blistering ) and cause it to fail prematurely ( peeling ).

Inorganic Mineral Paint uses a liquid mineral ( potassium silicate ) as the binder, which determines the fundamentally different attributes of Silicate Dispersion Paints. Unlike latex resins, Minerals do not age. Silicate Paint does not form a film, but bonds by penetrating into the surface and by petrification into a stone-like micro-crystalline coating, which repels liquid water, but allows water-vapours to pass through. Therefore Ecologic™ Silicate Dispersion Paint can not blister or peel - guaranteed by the laws of chemistry.

Silicate Dispersion Paint Products:

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*Custom colors are available by adding the color simulation fee and a 25% increase over the Standard Color cost.

These products must not freeze during warehousing or transport, and may limit availability during certain times of the year. Please call for availability.

Ecologic® Waterglass Primer & Consolidant for Masonry

A potassium silicate binder that conditions the absorption rate of substrates as well as fortifies and solidifies friable masonry such as salmon brick, brownstone, other sedimentary rock, and lime plaster. Treatments naturally consolidate weak masonry without detrimentally restricting breathability. It is applied before using brick/stone repair materials (Lithomex). Ecologic™ Waterglass Primer & Consolidant for Masonry can also be used as a mineral-based, breathable water repellent on its own.

Ecologic® Colorwash Stain for Masonry

An inorganic mineral-based, highly durable interior and exterior wall stain and glazing base.

Ecologic® Potassium Silicate Paint for Masonry

A mildew resistant and water repellent, highly durable and breathable mineral-based exterior silicate wall paint.