The Mission Statement

Our mission is to appropriately serve the Historic Preservation and Sustainable Building Communities by supplying proper mortar, stucco, plaster and paints that are healthy for the building and for the environment, in both their production and use. Our products provide an optimal service life, keeping cultural and natural resources in a better state of conservation while lowering the world’s carbon footprint. Those who work with us on this worthy goal aid in creating American jobs while caring for the legacy of our architectural future and its past by planning for a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

Employment Opportunities

Please contact us if you have a passion for historic preservation and sustainable building. We are always looking to network with an associate or hire talented people who are like-minded and can offer their skills to further this important work. To contact us about possible involvement with our company, please send an email to

2016 NEWS Directed to those who are not looking for full-time employment with us but have a great story to tell and are good at making short videos: has a wonderful opportunity for video makers that can tell a 3-5 minute inspiring story of a person, place or thing that supports historic preservation or sustainable building. The story can be inspired from the video maker’s own locale or it can represent something that more widely represents important information about history and buildings and/or what affects the world as a whole. A monthly prize is awarded and a $1,000 grand prize - Click here for the contest rules and instructions and use this release form for the video submission.

The departments of our company where we need to increase the number of our team members:


Work with our team in our color simulation services for the reproduction of mortar, stucco, plaster and paint including Potassium Silicate Paints, Stains as well as Linseed oil paints. Either Cement Chemistry, Ceramics, Architectural Conservation, Paints and Coating background is strongly suggested.

Communications and On-line Store Management

Work with our team to manage the on-line store and keeping the public informed about what we are doing using social media platforms like Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Blog Posts using Word Press, E-mail blasts with Mail Chimp and other CMS programs. This department produces short video segments on people and places that are intended to inspire the general public on the subject that "Preservation Matters" and that building environmentally friendly is important. Getting this information out to the general public when the video is complete is part of the communication process. Recording and editing of audio/video to produce these segments is required. This department also produces "How-To" videos for demonstrating the use of our products. Communications, English, (Potentially Spanish), Multimedia hardware and software background is strongly suggested.

Shipping and Receiving

Work with our team in managing warehouses including the "pick and pack" shipping requirements needed for daily UPS pick-up and delivery of our products. Fork-lift truck operations are needed by certain team members which are trained for this so that they can load tractor trailers with our palletized products. Maintaining inventory in the warehouse, weighing and measuring, mixing and packaging for small batch production is part of the daily routine. Warehousing and hands-on production department background required.

Order Processing, Logistics and Customer Care Servicing/Development

Work with our team in taking on-line orders, phone-in orders and faxed orders for our products and then plan and schedule logistics in shipping the order. This work includes being able to quote shipping costs for customers, track shipping and processing of all payments. This team helps customers through the entire order process. This includes directing them to the department that can best help them before placing an order, resolving complaints, soliciting for customer satisfaction reports and requesting photos of their projects that we can post. The position generally requires striving to stay connected with previous customers as well as working to develop relationships with potential new customers. QuickBooks, Excel, CMS software ability required.

Experienced Flat wall and Ornamental Plasterers, Stone Carvers, Painters and Cemetery Memorial Conservation Team members needs workshop instructors to train participants at various levels and at various locations in the US. The job requires recording advancement levels of students and issuing certificates of completion. Programs may include hands-on work at various field school applications which include your trade which may potentially last for many months at any one location. Ability to travel is key.

Experienced Masons Technical Install Team needs to expand its network with independent experienced masons to carry out the work mentioned above by running workshops and the work mentioned just below this post by considering to continue in your specialized field of masonry and moving into specialized material sales. However, an in-house employed "Restoration Mason" who has already been in the trade and willing to re-locate and work from the Quakertown, PA region is needed to look at and assess historic masonry restoration projects for our own Technical Install Crews which work within a two-hour radius of our shop. The job is to follow through with fulfillment of installed sales locally and includes assessing the problems, assigning a remedy for the repair using our products and placing a value on the repair work. Along with cost estimating, the job requires a person with good "people skills" for meeting with building owners, historic review boards and doing customer service work to support our product line. A hands-on background in the restoration of historic masonry is required. Blue print reading and the qualities of an overall "detail-oriented" individual who can type and is accustomed to writing contractual agreements daily is required. Independent Representatives

We want to network with entrepreneurs who will saturate regions of the country with knowledge by educating architects and masons on the core values of our products. This work is carried out within their own comfort zone and knowledge of their region, setting the range on how far they will travel to get this knowledge across to their audiences. There are no locked-in territories. Independent Representatives are entrepreneurs who are self-employed. We encourage them to exclusively represent products. Independent Representatives receive products with a certain margin of profit built into the final cost of the product so that they can pay themselves from the sales of the product in which they influenced the sale. These entrepreneurs may eventually have a retail location to showcase products as a typical retailer would. Entrepreneurs could also choose to orchestrate the pairing of appropriate products to the corresponding congruent applications. This would be done instead of having a "store" and they would otherwise work on setting timely deliveries of products after sales are completed by using the stock held at strategically located warehouses near them in New England, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, New Orleans, Wisconsin.