The Master Conservator's Kit

The Master Conservator’s Kit is a collection of products used for on site mock-ups, small repairs and color simulations of Brick, Stone, Terracotta and Lime Mortars when attentively designing appropriate and compatible restoration mortars for the conservation of historic masonry elements/structures:

Master Kit


  • 24 cured sample tiles of the stock colors of Lithomex
    • To be used as a color guide when repairing brick, stone and terracotta
  • 23 quarts of the stock colors of Lithomex
    • Used for actual on site mock-ups and repairs, casting and blending in varying degree with other stock colors of Lithomex to obtain new hues in designing a repair mix formula
  • 1 gallon of non-pigmented Lithomex
    • Used for actual on site mock-ups and repairs, casting and diluting the intensity of the stock colored Lithomex.
  • 1 quart of “Waterglass” (Potassium Silicate)
    • Used to consolidate friable masonry alone or as a priming conditioner before executing a repair using Lithomex
  • 1 container of casein
    • Used as a natural plasticizer additive to Natural Hydraulic Lime for injecting breathable grouting and making a natural glue to fix stone (Recipes are offered with the kit)
  • 1 Ecologic™ Mortar Kit: Containing 9 cured sample channels of the stock colors of prepared lime mortar and 4 sample channels of blends using the stock colors of these prepared lime mortars. This example board gives the starting point on how to achieve hundreds of new hues to simulate original historic lime mortars using the stock material and adding regional inclusions and aggregates.
    • Used as a color reference guide when determining what colored Ecologic™ Mortar would be most suitable for designing repointing or stucco mortars
  • 1 Fan Deck of the 24 stock colors of High Calcium Lime Paint
    • Actual lime paint swatches representing the 24 stock Lime paint colors offered
  • 1 Aggregate/Sand Library containing 14 available aggregates for consideration when ordering a custom pre-blended mix of Ecologic™ Mortar after completing a mortar analysis and attempting to duplicate the grain sizes of the original sands used in an original mortar mix
    • Used to help distinguish the grades of sand components selected when designing a custom pre-blended lime mortar when creating a compatible historic replacement mortar or used to order a simulation of some of the inclusions observed in an original mortar blend.

The Graveyard Kit

A combination of products commonly used for graveyard monument conservation including: Lithomex, Ecologic™ Waterglass Primer & Consolidant, Ecologic™ Mortar (F), CoulinexUSA Injection Grout, Pug Duct Putty, Pump Sprayer, D/2, Gloves, Horse Syringe, Grout Bags, Ecologic™ Colorwash Stain Marble, Small Detail Brush, Natural Bristle Brush, and Casein Glue.

Ecologic® Lime Mortar Kit and Color-Matching System

Ecologic Mortar Kit

An Ecologic™ Mortar kit has the 12 stock colors of Ecologic™ Mortar and 4 custom blends using our stock colors. The four example blends have some commonly found inclusions added to more closely match some typical historic mortar joints. This is done as an example of how you could use the 12 stock colors to produce hundreds of new shades and find ones specific to your various applications. The 4 custom blends have the inclusions and aggregates slightly exposed to duplicate a weathered surface in order to demonstrate how you can tweak the final appearance of a mortar to make it an indistinguishable match such as for patch pointing applications on historic buildings. You can hold one or more of these strips up to the original mortar on a building to ascertain which stock color or blend may be a match. Ecologic™ Mortar colors are earth tone shades developed over 25 years to duplicate the majority of the mortar colors found on vintage buildings throughout the United States. You can add local aggregates from your region in various degrees in order to more closely match the color and texture of the building’s original mortar joints when the joints are properly tooled.

Please call for advice or if you need service regarding where to mail samples for mortar analysis in order to have a custom mortar duplicated or to design a mix if one of our stock colors or blends will not suffice.

The cost of the mortar kit includes shipping to the address you specify.

Lithomex - Brick, Stone, & Terracotta Repair Mortar Samples Kit

(Cured samples only without actual useable material which is contained in The Master Conservator’s Kit)

Lithomex Kit

Contains 24 samples of tinted St. Astier Lithomex (Based on Natural Hydraulic Lime Binders)

Any of the stock Lithomex brick and stone repair mortars can be blended at different ratios to obtain a new hue that may simulate the color of the material you are trying to match.

Non-Pigmented Lithomex

LMBR11 Chocolate Brownstone w/Mica

LMBR8 Light Brownstone w/Mica

LMBR7 Dark Browstone

LMEXST0060 Dark Reddish Brownstone

LMRD13.25 Brick Red Brownstone

LMEXST0021 Slate

LMRD5 Salmon Brick

LMRD13.5 Dark Brick

LMEXBR0013 Buff Brick

LMRD12.5 Deep Salmon Brick

LMTN4 Dark Limestone

LMTN 3 Light Indy Limestone

LMEXTC1002 Orange Terracotta

LM100 Yellow Terracotta

LMEXST0062 Raw Umber Sandstone

LM250 Taupe Sandstone

LMGN2 Serpentine

LMEXST0064 Blue Stone

White Modifier

Red Modifier

Black Modifier

Yellow Modifier

Blue Modifier

Examples of blends of Lithomex to create a custom Lithomex material:

Marble Wissahickon Schist

Many factors affect how images appear on your computer monitor and how they print on your specific printer. It is suggested that you send us a sample or purchase the stock Lithomex kit so that you may view each tile individually or hold the tiles up to a building to determine a match. If you send us a sample we will call you, free of charge, to make a suggestion if one of our stock lithomex colors is similar to the sample you send.

Marble dust Medium marble aggregate Fine white silica sand #100 Sand #1/2 Sand Inclusion simulator (no graph) #1 Sand #1/4 Sand #0 Sand #2 Sand Fine slag flecks (no graph) XF Slag flecks (no graph)

Sand Library

Sand Library

For more extensive museum quality repairs please consider ordering a Building Conservator’s “Available Aggregate/Sand Library.” These are the aggregates available for custom Ecologic™ Mortar mixes intended to be used by the design of architectural conservators to more closely simulate original sands and inclusions found in historic mortar formulations.

The cost includes shipping to the address you specify.