Laying up brick, stone, terra cotta and other masonry units

Hundreds of feet of wall had crumbled and fell into disrepair. The entire cemetery wall was repointed and long sections of it rebuilt. The joint profile is the "weathered ridge" and the color code is Ecologic™ DGM 100 with brown concrete sand as an added aggregate used and then exposed.

The Stephen Girard estate, Founder of Girard College in Philadelphia, had an internal downspout in a corner of this 1800’s brick building which caused the ornate corner to collapse. All bricks were re-laid in 1 part NHL 3.5 and 2-1/2 parts sand.

ca1741 Oxford Furnace in Oxford, New Jersey has 9' thick walls previously repointed in a state funded preservation project in the 1980's. The 1:2:9 mortar that was used retained water due to the Portland cement content. The super-saturated walls moved out of position in subsequent freeze-thaw cycles in large areas. deGruchy Masonry, Inc had to number, dismantle and re-lay then fully re-point the furnace with a pure Natural Hydraulic Lime and sand mortar. Water oozed out for weeks after the Portland cement based material was removed. Weeks after the pure Natural Hydraulic Lime and sand mortar was used to replace the failing Portland cement based mortar, the walls dried out beautifully. Do you know of a historic furnace site or mass wall masonry structure where it is constantly damp or even raining inside all the time? Today the popular fix is to install powered ventilation and other expensive and ineffective treatments. Instead, install a mortar that will breathe and quickly get back to the dynamics that allowed the historic brick or stone structure to work for centuries.

A bridge in Paris being totally restored with St. Astier NHL

Turtlerock, Inc. of Burlington, VT used St. Astier NHL 3.5 to lay up a masonry heater and an interior brick wall using 150 year old reclaimed brick.

Colgate University, East and West Hall Dormitories
Engineer: Klepper, Hahn Hyatt, Syracuse, NY.                Contractor: Viau Construction Corp., Syracuse, NY

Stone parapet replacements using St. Astier NHL mortar for both stone laying and repointing