® Lime Mortar and Color-Matching System

NO Portland Cement is present in deGruchy’s Ecologic™ mortars yet the stock material will still reach the required 750 psi required for a type N mortar while maintaining the high permeability required for repointing and repair to historic structures originally built with lime mortars.

Ecologic™ Mortars can be used for sustainable applications in stucco, interior plaster, laying up of masonry units, stonework and as historic building repointing mortars.

The colors shown below represent the 12 stock Ecologic™ Mortar colors:

Stock colors

An Ecologic™ Mortar kit has the 12 stock colors of Ecologic™ Mortar and 4 custom blends using our stock colors. The four example blends have some commonly found inclusions added to more closely match some typical historic mortar joints.

Print this page and see if any shade appears close to what you want to match.

Ecologic™ Mortars are made with Natural Hydraulic Lime #3.5


Sample of custom mixes

Disclaimer: Many factors affect how this image may appear on your computer monitor and how it prints on your specific printer. Print this page to provide a similar representation of the actual shades of all stock Ecologic™ Mortars. It is suggested that you purchase the Ecologic™ Mortar kit so that you may view each strip individually or hold one or more of these channels of dried mortar up to a building to determine a match when planning to duplicate a repointing mortar.
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