Send Us A Sample

You can send us a sample of historic mortar or a sample of historic brownstone, limestone or brick and we will not charge you to take a look at it. We will call you and talk to you about our initial observations and about your application also without cost. We may be able to make a recommendation as to which stock material we carry will complement the composition and simulate the color of the sample you sent. Use this form.

If you would like a color-simulated brick, stone or mortar sample sent using St. Astier Lithomex, (Brick and Stone patching material) or a custom Ecologic™ Pointing, Building or Stucco Mortar we charge $125 per sample. We will send to you a dried tile and approximately two-pounds of sample mix in order for you to verify that the mix is correct when you mix it with water and install it. If you approve the sample you install then you can order the quantities of custom material you will require to do the job. Use this form.

What we will do when we get your sample along with the completed Sample Request / Analysis form, when creating a color-simulated sample:

  • We will log the date of the sample’s arrival, its condition, any instructions and any special requirements.
  • We will create a color-simulated sample and evaluate the color simulation.
  • We will produce two sample sets, consisting of two tiles and two powder samples.
  • We will send to you one sample tile for your approval and the other sample tile we will retain for quality control checks and for all future ordering requirements.
  • We will assign and retain a sample number, that will be unique to the sample set, stating the Company Name, Job Location, Purpose of Use, (i.e. Pointing / Stucco / Brick or Stone Patch), and any special characteristics also required such as grading of aggregates, special aggregate inclusions etc.
  • We will supply you with a sample mix for your installation and evaluation. The mix contains approximately 2 pounds of a compatible lime/sand/lime proof iron oxide pigment blend complete with guideline instructions on how to apply, cure and protect the sample in place.
  • We will return to you a copy of the Sample Request Form that you sent in. This form will then act as the document you use to authorize production. Sign and fax back the form to enable us to start production once you have reviewed the installed and cured sample and have had it undergo any approvals for the specific application by the Masonry Consultant, Architectural conservator, Owner or other Owner’s Representative as required.

Photo Sheet from an actual sample received and a simulation tile produced

We can also provide a mortar analysis study and report as required by your architect or in bid specifications. This is helpful in order to complete an archival record of what was found and to justify the mix ingredients when producing a compatible historic mortar mix. The cost for this report is $400 per sample. Use this form. (Call for a sample mortar analysis report.)

What we will do when we get your sample along with the completed Sample Request / Analysis form, and when we provide an in-depth mortar analysis:

  • We will log the date of the sample’s arrival, its condition, any instructions and any special requirements.
  • Examine samples according to properties of color, texture, hardness, homogeneity, stability and relative porosity.
  • Approximate composition of the mortar determined with a calcimeter conforming to the parameters of the Jedrzejewska analytical method
  • Provide analytical data obtained during testing
  • Conduct a careful examination of the aggregate including visual analysis and an evaluation of particle size.
  • Send you the completed report with the retained sieved aggregate

We can further provide, if desired, exploratory work to your existing structure to collect the needed samples documented from various locations on a structure to help diagnose what should be requested in a study from an independent laboratory. We can provide peer reviews of masonry restoration specifications designed by architects, conservators and masons to give you a second opinion on a specification you may already have. Finally, we offer on-site education, training and quality assurance programs to help your local professionals complete the installation of our materials for your applications.

It is highly recommended that you e-mail us photos of your project. We do not send a bill to look at photographs or to respond to you regarding the information you send. Please include your name, job site address, phone number and a brief description of work needed in the e-mail.

If you would like a site visit consultation outside of the 7 posted zones listed here, we would be happy to provide this service. The fee is $1,250, which includes travel to all states east of the Mississippi line and a partial-day allotment to meet with you and make recommendations for a course of action. Please call for costs to have an on-site visit performed in all other states and countries. Further consulting work could be scheduled if additional services are required after the initial site visit. These additional services may include extensive surveys utilizing high reach equipment, additional labor for exploratory work, engineering reports and preparing bidding documents.