Ecomortar G Ready Mix

Ecomortar G is a premixed pure & natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar for building, pointing, repointing, plastering and finishing in a variety of colors.

The absence of cement, ashes, gypsum and other pozzolanic additions together with its other qualities make Ecomortar G highly suitable for repair and conservation work on traditional, vernacular and historic buildings. In new build the properties of Ecomortar G will allow joint free construction, dispersion of condensation and will accommodate small settlement movements.

Ecofriendly Characteristics:
              High vapour exchange qualities
              Produced with lower energy than cementitious mixes
              Re-absorption of CO2 in curing
              Will not deteriorate timber
              Possibility of recycling the materials used in building
              Elimination of painted finishes
Mechanical Characteristics
Dry bulk density lbs/ft3
84.3 (1350)
Compressive strength    
7 days Psi (n/mm2) 174 (1.2)
28 days   275.5 (1.9)
90 days   522 (3.6)
Elasticity Moduli Psi
725.000 (5000)
Vapor Permeability
Gr. Air x m2 x hour
Granulometry: G granulometry from #6 (3mm) to #23 (0.08mm) for masonry, pointing, dubbing out, first and main coats on renders and rough finishing coats.
Packing: Ecomortar 77lbs (35kg) and 55lbs (25kg)
Consumption: (See - Ecomortar Consumption Chart)
Preperation: in ordinary drum mixers (mix for about 5 minutes)

Water Addition:
Ecomortar G: 1 gallon (4 litres) – 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) per bag of 77 lbs. (35 kg)

On clean and dry background not water proofed. Dampen adequately dry or high suction surfaces. Do not apply at temperatures below 40oF (5oC) or above 85oF (30oC). Protect against strong rain, frost, drying wind or direct strong sun until sufficient hardening has occurred.

The above details are given for information purposes only. Final dosages and application
should be checked with our technicians. The Factory reserves the right to alter specifications.