Manufacturer:CESA (Chaux et Enduits de St. Astier) 24110 St. Astier. France

General information:NHL products do not contain any dangerous substances or toxic products.


Commercial designation

Types of use

Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL 2,  NHL 3.5 and NHL 5) manufactured according to the French Standard NF P 15-311
Rendering, plastering, pointing and masonry mortars, grouting

Chemical nature of
the products

Result of burning at 1650o-1850o F of a siliceous limestone
composed of calcium carbonate, silica and some presence of alumina
and traces of other elements.

Physical properties

Physical state
Solubility in water
pH value
Melting point
Flashing point
Combustion point
Bulk density
Specific gravity

Light gray to white powders
Dissolution is accompanied by the immediate precipitation of the formed hydrates
12-13 in water solution
> 1850oF
Not applicable
Not applicable
from 0.500- 0.700kg. per liter @ 77oF
2.4 to 2.7 g/cm3 @ 77oF

Storage and handling

Personal protective

Do not inhale or ingest. Protect eyes and skin
In bags or silos. Do not expose to air or rain


Wear adequate protective clothing to avoid prolonged contact with the mortar. To avoid dust contact with eyes and possible inhalation wear glasses and mask especially in areas not properly ventilated

Medical informationParticles, if inhaled, can irritate the upper respiratory track.
Avoid contact with eyes. Irritation and even injury can occur.
When mixed with water, the paste obtained is highly alkaline.
It can dry the skin and mucous membranes in the event of prolonged contact.
If present, chromates can be dissolved by water and this could cause allergic skin reactions in some hypersensitive individuals when exposed by lengthy and repeated contact.

First Aid measures

Avoid all prolonged contact with the skin. Avoid inhalation or contact with
If the eyes have been in contact with the powder or products that contain it,
clean with fresh water applied in abundance. If irritation persist obtain medical
At all times rinse skin after contact Use protective creams against allergic
If inhalation has occurred go into fresh air. If irritation persist
seek medical advice.

Environment ProtectionHandle in ventilated areas and prevent dust diffusion Accidental spillage: recover powder. Dump small quantities as non-hazardous waste.
After hardening, the lime or its products are definitively combined and insoluble. No further precautions necessary.

Special indicationsRespect the hygiene and safety rules specified by the trade. The basic components of Natural Hydraulic Lime are common natural materials.

Statutory information
Danger symbol
Principal component
R phrases

S phrases

Xi Irritant
R 63/37/38 irritant for the eyes, respiratory ways and skin
R 41 risk of severe eye injuries.
S 2 store away from children.
S 24/25 avoid contact with skin and eyes.
S 26 in case of contact with the eyes wash immediately with clean water and contact a specialist.
S 37 wear appropriate gloves S 39 wear eyes and face protection

The information contained in this document is based on the current state of our knowledge relating
to the products in question at the date of issue of this document. It is provided in good faith.
The user's attention is drawn to the possible risk incurred when products are used for applications
other than those for which they are designed.