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NHL 3.5


Ecologic™ Mortar as Stock Material in Grades "G", "F", "XF" (using StA NHL 3.5 blended in America)

Ecologic™ Mortar as Custom Material in Grade "G", "F", "XF" or other custom gradations (w/options of StA NHL 2, 3.5, 5, blended in America)

Ecomortar F (w/StA NHL 2 blended in France)

Ecomortar G (w/StA NHL 3.5 blended in France)


Lime Paints User Recomendations

EU Norm (EN459) Summary of
Terminology for Building Limes

Health Safety

St. Astier NHL 2 SDS

St. Astier NHL 3.5 SDS

St. Astier NHL 5 SDS

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