Why use St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes
For Restoration, Conservation and New Build Projects?
NHL Qualities ~ What You Get
NO ADDITION of any kind is made to the St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes to enhance their performance.
No need for blending
The St Astier range of Natural Hydraulic Limes allows for the selection of the most suitable binder for the work at hand without having to add pozzolans, cement, plasticisers, water retainers, waterproofers etc. Blending introduces considerable risks, added costs and short and long term results that are uncertain and therefore potentially costly.
Compatibility & suitability
The availability of a range of binders with different performance characteristics ensures the compatibility of St.Astier NHL mortars with existing mortars whatever their age.
Free lime content (available lime)
Responsible for workability and self healing in NHL mortars.
The low bulk density of all NHL products will produce more mortar as they are purchased by weight but mixed by volume.
Versatility of use
Building, rendering and plastering mortars, grouts, injection, lime concrete and paints are all possible with NHL products.
  NHL Mortars ~ What you can Expect
An essential factor in building without construction joints.
Important in minimising shrinkage and cracking.
Allows for minor movements.
Good vapour exchange qualities allow for condensation dispersion. No rot. Great benefits to the living environment.
Resistance to salts
The absence of any potentially damaging component or additions (i.e. gypsum or cement) make sulphate attack and alkali-silica reactions impossible. Existing salts in the building fabric will pass through and eventually wash off. Excellent performance in marine environment.
Self healing
The available lime provides this benefit.
Resistance to bacteria & vegetable growth
The permanent alkalinity of the binder inhibits their development.
The excellent vapour permeability of NHL mortars reduces moisture in walls, therefore significantly improving insulation levels.
Sand colour reproduction
The whiteness of the NHL binders will reproduce the colour of the aggregate used.
All St Astier mortars can be reworked (8-24 hours), reducing wastage and increasing work rate. This is due to the absence of cement, gypsum, pozzolans or high aluminates.
Materials built with NHL mortars can be reused.
CO2 absorption
Probably the most eco-friendly feature of using limes. CO2 is reabsorbed during the carbonation of the free lime.
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