Black Soap

The Ultimate Environmentally Safe Cleaning Product

Vegetable-based, solvent-free and containing no artificial colorings, Marius Fabre black soap with olive oil is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is used in final coats of internal plaster to blend with the alkali lime and further saponify into a water resistant finish useful when doing Tadelakt work in shower areas and other high humidity conditions. Marius Fabre black soap used for finishing Tadelakt has already undergone a saponified transformation. However, since it is rich in fat, when its applied to the still fresh plaster the oils will blend into the water in the Ecologic® Mortar SCG (F) when it is used for plaster as the soap is worked into the surface. As the oils go deeper into the lime a second saponification occurs which results in a gloss and a breathable yet beautiful water resistant finish.

Inclusion Simulator

Inclusion Simulator is a general gradation of small granite flecks used to simulate oyster shell bits and other small bits of minerals sometimes found in historical mortars.

Marble Dust

Marble Dust is a fine gradation of marble used as the aggregate when re-creating fine butter-joint mortars made of pure lime with this limestone sand and to make a setting paste for setting monument blocks and mortar for true ashlar stonework.

Slag Fleck

Slag fleck is a small bit of metal oxide and silicon dioxide and is a vitreous by-product from smelting ore. It is sold in either an extra fine gradation or a fine gradation for use as a black inclusions into some pure lime/sand mortars.