From Homeowners to Pros, these are the submissions we get from people that send us examples of how they used our products. These are not endorsements of any of these companies as authorized installers of our product lines. The photos are just some proof that many find the materials easy to work with or just want to express their satisfaction with the outcome they have achieved and the help they received from us.

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Thanks so much for the excellent instruction! It gave us the knowledge and confidence we needed to take on the repairs to our 1903 firehouse ourselves.

We really appreciate you taking the time to come to Memphis and look at our building and give us advice on the best way to proceed with repairing the brick work and facade.

You also saved us the money we were going to spend putting in the metal frame work we thought we needed. We now know that the skills you taught us will keep this building standing for another century.

George and Holly Karcher
Memphis, TN

During project work

Using Ecologic™ mortars for the job

After stabilization

I talked to the mason today for our Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse job, and they did a final pointing mockup in coarse sand per your recommendation. I like what I see, and the mason told me this should help minimize cracking which may have occurred if we used fine sand. The coarse sand looks nice with the stone as well, very complimentary, & gives it more of a ‘rustic’ feel. Wanted to thank you for your continued support on this project, and attached are some pictures for your enjoyment. Stay well Andy.

Regards, Josh
James Bradberry Architects
843 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 200
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Hello LimeWorks,
Was very pleased with this repair to a headstone base using Lithomex.

David, Cambridge, MA

Andy - I thought I would send you a couple pictures of my summer project. The mix for the job was local sand and concrete sand plus a little tan die and your 3.5 Hyd Lime. The house originally had an inverted "V" joint and I tried my best to copy that and expose the aggregate. The whole job was by myself and I kept track of the time, it totaled 190 hrs and that included everything. I really enjoyed the work and will be doing the other end of the house next summer. I would appreciate any helpful hints or pointers you might have. Your help in the past has been greatly appreciated.

Sincerly, Nick C, Gasport, NY.

Dear Mr deGruchy,
I wanted to thank you for all your support, advice and the wonderful products you offer. I just completed a week ago the dormer project. We are very happy. And while I know there might be a million ways I could have done better I am very proud of this and I love the color. Special thanks to Jim as well for promptly sending us all we needed. Through this I think I discovered a new love in my life: Lime. I absolutely loved working with the Ecologic™ Mortar DGM and the lime color. Thank You.

Kind regards,
Cristina van Bladel, Pine Island NY

Jonathan Arn of Brookline Builders:
The workshop was essential for me to take before attempting to use Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar, especially since I have been using Portland based mortars for years and years. The history of mortar taught in the course explains in clarity why modern day Portland is so widely used and why so many modern craftsman have no idea what Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar is.
One overlooked monetary savings is the fact that unused Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar can be saved overnight for continued use the next morning, this one thing translates into a big money saver.

Jason Darity of Brookline Builders:
Learned new and excellent pointing techniques. The History of why most modern construction uses Portland based cements was critical for me to understand and a huge part of the course.
The Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar course was taught in layman's terms by the clergy of lime mortar, Andy deGruchy.

Hello Andy:

We finally completed the culvert repairs-well, except for a little remaining clean-up. Thought you might like to see the before and after pics.


John Millett of Millett Masonry:

Dear Andy DeGruchy, and US Lime works family & staff.

After receiving an email asking my satisfaction with my order of supplies, I wanted to take the time to respond with a more in-depth response.
And with my last order ( We love seeing photos of our products in use)

I can tell you a little about me John Millett, and then how I am using your product with enjoyment. I started Millett Masonry Contracting 32 years ago after a 5 year apprenticeship, with a mason artisan John J. Kelly. His masonry career spanned over 50 years, and we had many conversations of hot lime and lime plaster, but it was unavailable at the time. Over the years I have become acquainted with many historical restoration artisans in my area, but I think you would be happy to know, I have also been using your supplies on routine repairs where chemistry applies.

This should give you some idea how I’m using your supplies.
Thank you so much for all your help. And it’s a pleasure doing business with you.
If any of you are ever in the Whitman Massachusetts area, feel free to let me know and stop by for Millett family hospitality.

John Millett

Here are Jim Boltz's photos of the Reuben Case family monument in Mayville Cemetery, Mayville, NY. I confused myself on exactly what is there and which order makes the most sense, so I'm just adding all of them.

As I told Jim after his handiwork, I had not even noticed that one back on the edge of the cemetery property under the pine trees but it absolutely glows now and is hard to miss!

Jo Ann Kaufman


The attached is the Col. William Stevens memorial in Fredonia's Forest Hill Cemetery. The before photo was taken after a gentle treatment with a plastic snow brush, That preliminary treatment may have happened twice before D/2 (cut 1 to 1) went to work.

Jo Ann Kaufman