Historic Mortar Analysis

The historic mortar analysis is a qualified study with a corresponding report for architects and conservators, building owners and contractors who are looking for an in-depth understanding of their historic mortar and for archival purposes


Is a Mortar Analysis right for your project?


What's Included


The Mortar Analysis:

  1. Samples are examined for their color, texture, hardness, homogeneity, stability and relative porosity
  2. Chemical testing will be carried out following the Jedrzejewska analytical method to determine the mortar’s composition
  3. The aggregate will be analyzed visually to determine its color, shape and particle size
  4. A sieve analysis will also be done to determine particle sizes and ratio of the aggregates in distribution to the whole sample.

Cost is $650


Follow Steps 1-3

How to Submit Your Sample

Brick Mortar Sample

Collect A Good Representative Sample

Take an intact thumb size sample from the existing mortar, plaster, stucco, brick, stone, or mineral paint. If it is possible, create a circle around the area you want simulated using a permanant marker.

Custom Simulation Checklist

Fill Out The Form

When mailing a sample please fill out and include the following form.  If you would like to include photographs or other supporting documents they can be sent to support@limeworks.us.


Shipping your sample

Mail The Form And Sample To LimeWorks.us

Place your sample inside a ziplock bag, write the project name, your name, and phone number on the bag. Ship the package to 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969.

observation of your sample and consultation

Get A Call Back From LimeWorks.us

When we recieve your sample we will conduct a full mortar analysis of your mortar sample. After analysis is complete we will send you a copy of the report and the digested sands.