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We offer customized training and provide installation services as well for the unique product line. Call deGruchy Masonry Restoration first for consulting on an effective historic masonry conservation or sustainable building campaign. 215-536-4482

The Technical Install Crews for and it's products are comprised of various employees from deGruchy Masonry Restoration. They are available to complete entire projects or train you or your mason directly on-site. In addition there are also training modules taught at our specialized workshops for the correct application of the various materials and supplies sold in the product line. The photo series purposely attempts to focus on small repair details. No matter how large your project may be, it breaks down to the details found in each area which when they come together make up a very special and spectacular completed project. Send us photos of the work you need to have done for some free advice. Send us your completed projects which used our products so we can post them on our Applicator's Photo Submissions page. For our fee schedule to arrange an On-Site Visit and consultation with deGruchy Masonry Restoration to review a project and give advice and/or estimates to carry out work for your project, click here. The contact information, which is available so that you can go to see our actual work or call our references are available upon request. We only put on the internet the contact information for public places and not private residences.


The Before/After Photo Series of deGruchy Masonry Restoration's Work

Examples in Detail:

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