Cleaning Historic Masonry

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Brickwork can be carefully cleaned with low pressure water washes and special cleaners used to reduce or remove certain staining.
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This photo shows a ''during'' shot of the cleaning of historic brick which have absorbed atmospheric pollutants that have caused them to turn black.

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Job Location Customer Comment
Allentown, PA The house looks great. I'm impressed with your work!
Quakertown, PA Very professional job. Men were very friendly, courteous and conscientious. Great crew.
Bath, PA Wonderful and quality workmanship. Helpful with any questions we had and even had suggestions for improvement of preventative maintenance.
Mount Airy region of Philadelphia, PA We deeply appreciate the time and consideration you gave our project. You knew our organization was concerned about cleaning and repointing the Frank Furness circa 1880's building. You were the only person who answered my questions clearly and accurately. In the end, you and your employees were the only masons to whom we could trust our historically certified building. The results are outstanding. We will gladly endorse your work to your future customers.

Thanks Again.

Mimi Jackson