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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve the Historic Building Preservation industry and the Sustainable Building communities by supplying materials ‘Fit for Purpose.’ Our goal is to safeguard natural, cultural, and historic resources by supplying lower embodied energy products, hence aiming at reducing the overall carbon footprint in construction.

Our customers who choose to engage with us on this worthy goal help to create more American jobs. Preserving the legacy of our architectural heritage is investing in an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable future that supports our multidimensional vision.

We are deeply concerned about climate change and hence aspire to be compliant with some goals set by United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To reach this goal realistically, we aid clients in cost-saving solutions such as adaptive reuse in order to move forward with all development, while saving money and the environment, at the same time.

Needed Skill Sets and Open Work Positions at

  • Technical Support Personnel This job requires individuals to provide face-to-face Counter Help for walk-in customers or field Technical Calls from an office desk. You should have an understanding of historic masonry, lime mortars, and plaster, or be open to our training to fully grasp our product line and how it augments or replaces most modern materials currently used in the field. If you are a retired or semi-retired restoration mason or plasterer eager to share your years of knowledge with others, we encourage you to call us. Strong communication skills, some computer skills, and overall patience and friendliness are all valuable traits for this people-oriented business. We need effective communicators who can convey the importance of methods and materials and follow through by processing material orders.
  • Custom Blending, Warehousing, and Product Inventory/Display Personnel This job requires individuals to Pick and Pack UPS/FedEx shipments, mix custom ingredients into pails, and seal, label, palletize, and shrink wrap the pails and bags for LTL shipments. It also involves manually loading various vehicles and operating a fork-lift. Additionally, the work includes tasks such as organizing the warehouse to rotate stock and maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Other responsibilities may involve creating mock-up panels for sales displays or producing our product kits containing hand-finished hard samples of the products we sell.
  • Scientific Personnel This is a job for those who will do instrumental and wet analysis laboratory studies on historic mortars and plasters and then complete the reports that go with them. Work includes fielding technical calls, helping with our PowerPoint lectures used at our product installation workshops, and assisting with internal and external webinars. A Historic Paints and Coatings specialist is needed to support historic decoration and sheltering mediums that we currently sell and want to expand our offerings into further in this field.
  • Comptroller and Accounting Personnel  This is a job for those who will do the management of accounts receivable/payable, payroll, produce financial studies and create reports, interpret reports, create budgets, and help with our long-term goal setting.
  • Managing Secretarial Personnel These jobs require individuals who can efficiently manage tasks and schedules and collaborate with various departments within the company. Secretarial roles may differ based on the specific department’s requirements. For instance, some secretaries will handle the ordering and deployment of material deliveries, ensuring sufficient stock at satellite warehouses across the country, and overseeing a designated location. These secretaries will also manage the schedules of sales representatives’ appointments in their respective regions, facilitating interactions with existing and potential clients. Other secretaries will be responsible for notifying independent crews about posted projects for our material installations on our project request platform. They will act as intermediaries between contractors and building owners, ensuring smooth project execution. Some secretaries will focus on developing the craft training segment of our company. This role involves working with apprentices and professionals to elevate trade development, and prior experience with non-profit and trade organizations is advantageous. Additionally, we seek Executive Secretaries to assist upper management with their day-to-day tasks.
  • Equipment Support Personnel This is a job for someone who has skill in repairing small engine equipment and all mechanical masonry equipment such as mixers, cut-off saws, mortar pumps, and sprayers. This equipment is what the Technical Install Crews of our products use and also train in their use, sell, and service. Welding and fabricating skills are needed. This work could include doing everything from spot weld repairs to fully fabricating small frames and up to making farm-use trailers, doing work on tractors, forklifts, skid steer loaders, and trucks as needed, or calling on outside help to get these tasks completed by management of these required work requests.
  • Outside Sales Personnel This is a job for those who will do the work of visiting architects, retailers, trade professionals, curators at museums, and those who are stewards of historic resources to promote awareness of our product, services, and training.
  • Housekeeping Personnel This is a job for those who will keep our offices and workshops clean and stocked with supplies. Work involves seasonal decorating by using our current holiday decorations. Throughout the year placing flower arrangements, staging furniture, and wall art along with other details intended to improve the working environment and the customer experience is key for this position.
  • Independent Trade Roadies These are jobs for those who will do masonry work anywhere in the USA, (or only in their certain geological location where we need representation), and who are independent contractors who can work closely with us. You must already have experience as a restoration mason and/or flat wall/ ornamental plastering. The jobs will require the ability to look at, assess, bid, and follow through to complete work requests sent to you. Jobs may also include running workshops that we set up for you to run at an agreed sum which will help to represent our products in various parts of the country where we want to bring awareness to our company and our products and services.
  • Please visit HERE for our plea for experienced tradespeople who want to pass on their knowledge and skills to another generation.

The overall hiring message is that if you have a passion for historic preservation and sustainable building please call us to see how you might fit with our team in employing your own specific talents, gifts, and abilities. We are always looking to network with an associate or hire talented people who are like-minded and can offer their skills to further this important work. To contact us about possible involvement with our company, please send an email to