Types of Masonry Binders
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Types of Masonry Binders
Types of Masonry Binders
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How to Videos

How to Repoint, Plaster and Render with Ecologic ™ Brand Pure Lime Materials
If you are a Professional Masonry Restoration Artisan or a Sustainable Builder, LimeWorks.us can teach you how the right lime-based materials coupled with proper installation methods will bring you ideal end results and more qualified work opportunities.



How to Repoint

Avoiding Preservation Disaster

How to Repoint

How to Pre-Wet a Wall

How to Use a Churn Brush

How to Respectfully Repoint

Conservation Minded Repairs

How to Plaster and Parge

How to Apply Lime Plaster to Sheetrock

How to Parge Internal or External Stone or Brick

How to Mix Lime Plaster for Stone or Brick Parging

How to Prepare Stone or Brick Basement Walls for Parging

How to Finish with Lime Plaster

External Lime Render

Harling How To

Creating a Flat Stucco/Plaster Wall

Pebble Dash, Harling or Rough Cast

Need more help?

Check out our General Installation Guidelines: Learn how to repoint, plaster, stucco, render, and much more.

Limelight Spark Segments

Past Contest Winners
Help promote regional heritage and sustainable building


Limelight is a contest for the best 3-5 minute video that tells the inspiring story of a person, place, or thing that supports historic preservation or sustainable building. Win $500-$1500 and get your story published so our network of preservationists can become aware of your important message. Use the media release form for the video submission below.


LimeWorks.us is offering a $500 prize for the best short video of the month and a $1000 grand prize for the best short video overall within the same calendar year, to a legal US residents over the age of 18. The intent of our contest is to find someone who is talented in videography, who understands the message that LimeWorks.us is encouraging in our Mission Statement which is found at the “About” tab on our homepage, and can captivate and inspire our staff and therefore our audiences with a story of something historically or culturally noteworthy.

Submitted videos should be 3-5 minutes long featuring a person, place, or thing which exemplifies:

  • Keeping up the good fight for historic preservation.
  • Saving regional cultural heritage.
  • signing, retrofitting and/or building sustainable structures in America.
  • Creating American Jobs by furthering the re-institution of all traditional building trades.
The short segments that we currently produce in-house are known as
Limelight Spark Segments“.

An example of a Spark Segment can be found at:
Limelight Spark Segment Playlist

To participate in the Limelight Contest, submit a documentary-style video that starts with the intro clip and ends with our logo and credits, including your name and those who helped you. You must sign a release indicating that everyone in the video has given permission to use their image. LimeWorks.us will have shared user rights to post the video indefinitely, but you maintain authorship and can use the content for your own purpose.

The winning videos will be chosen based on content, quality, and adherence to the contest description. Only two videos per year may be submitted by a videographer. If there are less than three entries in a month, there may be no prize awarded for that month, and the contest ends December 31, 2023.

Winners will be notified via email and receive a monthly prize check of $500 or an overall best video prize of $1000, sent out in mid-January of the following year. Employees of LimeWorks.us and its affiliates and members of their immediate families and households are not eligible to enter. We’re excited to see your submission!

Employees of LimeWorks.us and its affiliates and members of their immediate families and households are not eligible to enter the contest.

LimeWorks.us is hosting a monthly video contest for “human interest” stories that inspire. To enter, simply submit your video electronically or by postmark by the last day of each month. Your submission must include our intro clip, credits, and our logo. Also, be sure to obtain signed releases from everyone in the video granting you permission to use their image.

If your video is chosen as a winner, you’ll receive a monthly prize check of $500. The overall best video of the year will be awarded a grand prize of $1000. Please note that employees of LimeWorks.us and its affiliates, as well as their immediate families and households, are not eligible to enter.

The winning videos will be selected by LimeWorks.us staff based on the quality of the content, video, and adherence to the contest rules. If there are less than three entries in any given month, LimeWorks.us may choose not to award a prize for that month. However, the entries will be added to the next month’s contest.

We can’t wait to see your inspiring stories!