We believe that our products are straightforward and easy to use. Pair this with our extensive “How To” videos and our hands-on workshops offered at the Craftwork Training Center and we can help you gain the confidence to tackle a project. If the job gets too large you could always network with professionals who are in the same class as you or in our contractor network at Craftworker.net.

Workshops and Contractor Network

Our workshops help you become educated so you can choose the right methods and materials for your project and to be ready to interview and monitor the work of the professional you hire.

Homeowners brick house ready for repair
Ecologic Mortar

Ecologic™ Mortar

Our Ecologic™ Mortar comes in 12 stock colors, 3 gradations for different joint sizes, and unlimited color combinations.

Vapor Permeability

Our Ecologic™ Lime mortar possesses an excellent water vapor transmition rate that allows the wall to breath. The liquid and vapor permeability of Ecologic™ Mortars will allow moisture to be drawn to the cured mix and out to the atmosphere and still give a strong performing mortar in extreme freeze-thaw weather cycles.
How To Videos

Learn how to Repoint, Plaster, apply stucco and much more!

Are you a hands-on learner and do you learn better when you understand the theory behind the application?