Types of Masonry Binders
Types of Masonry Binders
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Our Founder

Andy deGruchy is the owner of LimeWorks.us, the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of “green” mortars, stuccos, plasters, and paints based on the limes that are ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Andy ascribes to the correct use of lime for durability, time-tested proof, and appropriateness for all historic masonry works.

Lime’s life cycle assessment and carbon sequestering properties makes this material energy conscious and sustainably valuable for all LEED accredited projects.


In the recent past where historic buildings are either being Preserved, Restored, Reconstructed or Rehabilitated, it has been paramount to ensure long-term survival of these structures by having them repaired with compatible materials. Some buildings have been in use for centuries; there is no logical reason why this cannot continue.

Preservation, Restoration, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation can have significant environmental advantages over new construction. Material longevity is unsurpassed when administered and maintained correctly. We believe that, ‘the greenest buildings are the ones already built.’

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the Historic Building Preservation industry and the Sustainable Building communities by supplying materials ‘Fit for Purpose’. Our goal is to safeguard natural, cultural and historic resources by supplying lower embodied energy products, hence aiming at reducing the overall carbon footprint in construction.

Our customers who choose to engage with us on this worthy goal help to create more American jobs. Preserving the legacy of our architectural heritage is investing in an eco-friendly, energy efficient and a sustainable future, supports our multidimensional vision.

We are deeply concerned about climate change and hence aspire to be compliant with some goals set by United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

To reach this goal realistically, we aid clients in cost saving solutions such as adaptive reuse in order to move forward with all development, while saving money and the environment, at the same time.