Types of Masonry Binders

At LimeWorks.us, we specialize in providing training on historic masonry and sustainable building products. Our range of services and unique materials are specifically tailored to meet the needs of discerning architects. Whether you are working on a historic restoration project, designing an adaptive re-use project, or creating a new sustainable, natural building, our team can assist you in creating specifications for our materials that will meet your exact requirements.

We also offer historic mortar analysis services. By sending us a sample of brick, stone, mortar, or plaster, we can simulate a replacement material that matches the original. Our specialty material, Lithomex, is ideal for refurbishing natural mineral substrates such as exfoliating brownstone, serpentine stone, and salmon brick.

Our products are designed to complement LEED, Energy Star, Passive House, or historic buildings, and can help increase LEED scores and gain tax credits in some applications. With LimeWorks.us, you can be confident in your choice of materials for your project, knowing that they are of the highest quality and designed to meet your specific needs.

Saint Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime 55lbs

Saint Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime

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Pumpkin Island Lighthouse

LimeWorks.us provided Saint Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime to restore this 250+ year old structure for its conservation.