In tune with our philosophy, the combination of our product-lines helps process water away from building interiors resulting in extending the service life of buildings, worldwide. Our products serve to support an optimal service life, are energy conscious, innovative in design and are sensitive towards the environment of the planet, both in production and use.

Our Ecologic™ Mortar line is mainly based on Lime and not Portland Cement. The emission of CO2 from the manufacturing of Portland cement averages 90% greater than that of producing building limes. Also, the energy consumption to produce Lime is half of what is required to manufacture Portland Cement. Lime’s carbon sequestering properties make it more ecofriendly than Portland cement, which absorbs none. Whether going for LEED, Passive House, Living Building Certifications or just simply helping the planet by doing your part, our impact on the environment, with the use of Lime, where applicable, will be beneficial for buildings, the world over.

“Materials fit for purpose.”

Hands-on Workshops

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-01 Basics of Repointing Brick & Stone Using Lime Mortar

From: $275.00

ARTisAn Objective – Workshop MAS-02 – Repointing Special Joint Profiles Using Lime Mortar

From: $500.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-03 – Grave Marker & Monument Cleaning & Repair Basics

From: $275.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-04 – Basic Plaster Wall Repair

From: $350.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-05 – Casting Plaster Medallions & Enrichments

From: $500.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-07 – Certified Lithomex Installer Level II

From: $1,000.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-06 Lithomex Brick & Stone Surface Repair

From: $100.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-08 – Historic Preservation Boot Camp

From: $700.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-09 – Basics of Building with Hempcrete

From: $550.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop JOYN-01 – Sash Mechanics of Historic Windows

From: $275.00

ARTisAn Objective® Workshop JOYN-02 – Restoring Historic Wood Windows

From: $500.00

Plastering Tools

Hi-Craft® 14″ x 3-1/2″ Cali Wood Hand Float with Wood Handle


Diamond Shape Joint Knife


8″ Roller Tamp with 1-3/8″ Diameter Button Adapter


Hi-Craft® 7″ x 4-3/8″ Buttering Trowel with Wood Handle


Cut & Shape Ornamental Tool


8” Bucket Trowel with 6″ Wood Handle


16″ x 3-1/4″ Sand Cast Magnesium Hand Float with Wood Handle


11″ x 4-3/4″ Swedish Stainless Steel Finish Trowel with Camel Back Wood Handle


Blister Brush


Hand Flat Wirebroom 12in 1/2 Spacing


22in x 8in Aluminum Go Devil


4″ x 2″ 3/8″R Stainless Steel Outside Corner Tool with Wood Handle


Stainless Steel Drywall Mud Holder/Hawk


Super-Pro® Texture Unit Complete with Gun, Hopper, Hose, and Compressor


Plastic Bristle Stucco Dash Brush