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How to Repoint, Plaster and Render with Ecologic ™ Brand Pure Lime Materials

If you are a Professional Masonry Restoration Artisan or a Sustainable Builder, can teach you how the right lime-based materials coupled with proper installation methods will bring you ideal end results and more qualified work opportunities.



Avoiding Preservation Disaster

How to Repoint

How to Pre-Wet a Wall

How to Use a Churn Brush


How to Respectfully Repoint

Conservation Minded Repairs Saves All Historic Fabric. Don’t throw the original Creek Sand and inclusions away, Re-constitute them back into the replacement material!

How to Plaster and Parge a Wall

How to Apply Lime Plaster to Sheetrock

How to Parge Internal or External Stone or Brick


How to Mix Lime Plaster for Stone or Brick Parging

How to Prepare Stone or Brick Basement Walls for Parging

How to Finish with Lime Plaster

External Lime Render (Lime Stucco)

Harling How To

Creating a Flat Stucco/Plaster Wall

Pebble Dash, Harling or Rough Cast

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Check out our General Installation Guidelines: Learn how to repoint, plaster, stucco, render, and much more.

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