Led by Andy deGruchy, Workshops

Aruba Monuments Fund

Andy was approached by Aruba Monuments Fund to run a customized LimeWorks.us training program. We timed the class to be for end of February 2021 when the winter weather is cold and the work has slowed down for us in Pennsylvania. The workshop consisted of coaching a  professional plastering crew from the island and nearby islands on how to install our products. The intent was that this springboard set of hands-on direction would result in the crew being able to continue with the installation of all LimeWorks.us products to finish re-plastering and limewashing the whole interior of their iconic lighthouse. The LimeWorks.us TOPCOAT Platinum XF Exterior Lime Plaster and colored LimeWorks.us LimeWash Platinum was applied. Here are some local scenes of their old Limekiln, a historic cemetery, some vernacular architecture, and the lighthouse and just some of the beauty of this region in the Caribbean.

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