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With decades of combined experience, the dedicated team at Craftwork Training Center offers unparalleled expertise and personalized guidance to every student. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each individual receives the highest quality education tailored to their unique needs and learning style. Through a positive and encouraging atmosphere, we empower our students to excel and achieve their goals with confidence.

Anthony R.C. Hita, AIC-PA, MSHP

Architectural Conservator / Laboratory Manager

Anthony Hita joined in 2018 as an architectural conservator overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company’s laboratory. Anthony is responsible for laboratory analysis, technical documentation, sample preparation, report writing, product development, and client consultations. He specializes in masonry conservation and is a designated Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). Anthony has published several papers on architectural history and has been invited to speak several times nationally and internationally on the topic of vernacular architecture. He serves on ASTM committees C07 on lime and limestone and C12 on masonry mortars. During his time with the company, Anthony has participated in dozens of projects, helped develop multiple commercial restoration products, and conducted or overseen nearly 250 mortar analyses.

Gene Lakin

Master Plasterer & On-Site Training Coach

Gene Lakin is a master plasterer. He started in the trade as a young apprentice at 16 and has loved it ever since. With hard work and determination, Gene eventually worked his way up to become a journeyman plaster with the union. Throughout his illustrious time learning the art of plaster, he has gained indispensable knowledge and plastering abilities that can help anyone with their project. Gene is currently the resident plaster instructor and on-site training coach for He has helped numerous people take their projects to the next level. His skills have transitioned flawlessly into the classroom at The Craftwork Training Center, teaching classes of all levels how to choose the suitable material, mix, and apply plaster to a historic preservation project.

Dave Lyons

Master Mason & On-Site Training Coach

Dave Lyons, our master mason, has been dedicated to the art of masonry since 1983. Joining in 2008, he has continuously elevated his expertise. Dave integrates his knowledge into fieldwork, specializing in pointing, brick and stone laying, plastering, stucco, and Lithomex (stone and brick repair). His proficiency extends beyond traditional craftsmanship, as he is well-versed in our products, having utilized them firsthand. Dave is readily available to assist anyone with repairs or answer any questions.

Not pictured: Charlie Hepler, Ken Saul, Mike Orrell, and Gary Elsing

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