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APT Meet The Team

We are thrilled to announce the team will be coming to Seattle for this year’s Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) conference. APT is the premier cross-disciplinary organization dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving historic structures and their settings. We hope to meet you at our booth October 11-13, and discuss the future of technology in historic preservation with you. Meet the team who will be there.

Andy deGruchy

Founder/Owner of

Andy deGruchy is the owner of He leads the nation’s top manufacturer of environmentally-friendly historic preservation and sustainable building mortars, plasters, and paints based on lime. Instead of using Portland Cement, these lime-based materials offer durability and are well-suited for time-tested historic masonry restoration projects. In addition to supporting restoration campaigns, Andy’s lime-based materials contribute to lower embodied energy in production and final recycling, making them ideal for sustainable building systems. These exceptional life-cycle materials yield significant CO2 credits, further enhancing their positive environmental impact.

Iñigo Menchacatorre

Saint-Astier® International Technical Manager

Iñigo Menchacatorre is the technical manager of Saint-Astier® of Perigueux, France. With 20 years of experience in this position, he is known nationally and internationally. Iñigo specializes in restoration projects worldwide both in small and large project installations where the mortar design and specifications are needed for Saint-Astier® lime materials. He has collaborated with international organizations of standardization, associations of heritage preservation and heritage restoration products. Iñigo is a team player who has a great flexibility in his approach to work. He is enthusiastic with excellent work ethic and communication skills.

Gene Lakin

Resident Plaster Instructor and On-Site Training Coach

Gene Lakin is a master plasterer. He started in the trade as a young apprentice at 16 and has loved it ever since. With hard work and determination, Gene eventually worked his way up to become a journeyman plaster with the union. Throughout his illustrious time learning the art of plaster, he has gained indispensable knowledge and plastering abilities that can help anyone with their project. Gene is currently the resident plaster instructor and on-site training coach for He has helped numerous people take their projects to the next level. His skills have transitioned flawlessly into the classroom at The Craftwork Training Center, teaching classes of all levels how to choose the suitable material, mix, and apply plaster to a historic preservation project.

Nic Rubolino

Communication Editor - At Large

Nic Rubolino is the current Communications Editor – At Large for Nic graduated from Penn State University in 2020 with a Film/Video Degree and has since specialized in writing, editing, and web design. After college, Nic found a passion for traveling and visiting all the beautiful National Parks across the United States. When he’s not writing or traveling, he likes to wander in nature, read Frank Herbert’s Dune Series, listen to Doc Watson, or dabble in the vast world of mycology. You can find Nic on all social media platforms as @NicRubolino.

2 thoughts on “APT Meet The Team

  1. Michael Davidson says:

    Look forward to seeing you there Andy and Inigo /Michael Davidson ps I will be with Belinda BSA architects who are presenting this year

    1. I look forward to seeing you too Mike! Until then, Take good care. Andy

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