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Bee The Change

Our Bee The Change initiative is here! We are giving away flower seed packets to help support the natural environment around us all. When recipients send us a photo of the flowers they grew, with our seed packet in the image, we hope our joint efforts will encourage others to Bee The Change, too. We want to make a significant impact when we broadcast the campaign on our social media platforms, showing all the photos we receive back from people like you. We will then plant a tree in your name to thank You for participating!

Until December 31, 2024, is sending our customers and cohorts a packet of North American Wildflower mix seeds to plant at home or wherever they can spread happiness. They are a beautiful blend of Black-Eyed Susans, Evening Primrose, Sweet William, and more. This joint effort works because once the Wildflowers bloom, we ask all participants to send us a picture of the flowers growing with the empty packet of seeds shown in the image. Sending the image to shows us the follow-through effort to Bee The Change by using the seeds received from us. Once we receive the photo, we will immediately have plant a tree on your behalf. launched in 2014 with a simple yet powerful mission: to reforest the Earth, one tree at a time. Recognizing trees’ critical role in maintaining ecological balance, mitigating climate change, and providing habitat for countless species, the organization set out to make reforestation accessible and impactful for individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide. Since their launch in 2014, they have planted a whopping 92.7 million trees in more than 80 countries across the globe. They are a testament to the positive change achievable when pursuing a simple yet powerful mission with determination, collaboration, and innovation. is introducing the Bee The Change initiative at the annual Association of Preservation Technology International (APT) Conference by putting a seed packet in everyone’s tote bag. This year, the conference is in Seattle, WA, October 9-14. Each year, the conference brings us the opportunity to connect with the international community about the traditional and new technologies available to care for, protect, and promote the longevity of the built environment. After the APT conference 2023, Bee The Change seed packets will be included with orders from while supplies last.

We want to inspire our neighbors and industry to pursue a green and sustainable future for the whole planet. Even the most minor actions can profoundly impact our planet’s future.

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  1. Ken Follett says:

    I look forward to planting wildflower seeds.

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