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Ordering a Custom Formulated Simulation

An engineered custom simulation can be produced by us to simulate the color and texture of your sample to help you carry out your application to restore, refurbish, or create something new.

Color simulations can be carried out for mortar, stone, brick, terracotta, plaster, stucco, and mineral paints.

Examples of Custom Simulation Requests to reproduce Color, Texture, and Composition of Historic Materials

Mortar, Brick, and Stone Simulations

Color Simulations for Mortar, Brick, and Stone:

  1. One cured tile
  2. (approximately) 2 lbs of sample mix for mock-up and sample installation purposes for verification.
  3. Upon approval of the custom blend orders, can be made in quantities of a quart, gallon, or 5 gallons.

Cost is $200

For Mineral Paint Simulations:

  1. Send us a paint store color card or call us with the color code.
Follow Steps 1-3

How to Submit Your Sample for Mortar, Brick, and Stone Simulations

Brick Mortar Sample

Collect A Good Representative Sample

Take an intact thumb size sample from the existing mortar, plaster, stucco, brick, stone, or mineral paint. If it is possible, create a circle around the area you want simulated using a permanant marker.

Custom Simulation Checklist

Fill Out The Form

When mailing a sample please fill out and include the following form.  If you would like to include photographs or other supporting documents they can be sent to

Shipping your sample

Mail The Form And Sample

Place your sample inside a ziplock bag, write the project name, your name, and phone number on the bag. Ship the package to 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969.

observation of your sample and consultation

Get A Call Back

When we receive your sample we will call you back at no cost to discuss the application and what your options are to receive further services.

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How to Package your Sample

To ensure that your sample arrives intact and in optimal condition for our services, please place the sample in a box with proper padding to prevent movement during travel. Please do not send samples in envelopes that may result in the mortar, plaster, or paint being pulverized and arriving in poor condition for our testing.