Custom Simulation at

Custom Simulation at

The laboratory at offers a range of services to aid in an effective historic masonry restoration campaign for Architects, Specifying Engineers, and Building Owners alike. When a stock product doesn’t fit a client’s need, can produce a specialty product as part of its Customized line. Customized versions of almost all products exist, including EcologicMortar, Ecologic™ Plaster TAKCOAT®  and TOPCOAT Platinum, Saint-Astier® Lithomex, Ecologic Potassium Silicate Paint, Ecologic Colorwash Stain, Ecologic LimeWash Platinum, and Saint-Astier® Lime Paint

It starts by first testing historic materials to design a replacement mix. The goal of a Custom Simulation is to mimic a submitted sample’s color and texture, utilizing materials sympathetic to a historic structure so that when the replacement material is finally installed and finished, it lends to a seamless repair. The grain size and color of aggregates and inclusions found in an original sample play a critical role in accentuating the color and texture of a cured material and its overall final look. From shiny mica to coal flecks and lime blebs found in original historic mortar, the laboratory staff has all types of replacement aggregates and inclusions to choose from within their library of materials. The pigments used are color stable, both lime-fast and resistant to fading from sunlight. They are made of chemically simple mineral-based and/or organic pigment blends to ensure long-lasting repairs that never fade under routine conditions and exposure.  Samples sent for a Custom Simulation generally come right from a historic structure, but for Customized paints and plasters or for new builds where historic samples don’t exist, clients can alternatively submit a paint swatch from any major paint manufacturer as a color goal.

The laboratory staff has been trained to identify undertones and color nuances to accurately recreate the color and record proper data to ensure the client receives the correct color every time they order their custom blend. All Custom Simulations include one complimentary adjustment in color if needed if the client feels it is necessary before confirming the final product, but most Custom Simulations are accepted on the first try. Additionally, Customized products are assigned a unique code for the formula recipe and are archived both as a hard sample and in the laboratory database permanently allowing orders at any point in the future. This quality control step is taken for accuracy and is meant to give all customers a high level of confidence that the mixes they use can be reproduced with ease at some future date if they need more of the same Customized mix.

Following the completion of a Custom Simulation, the laboratory sends the client a cured sample and sample size of the unmixed product.  The cured sample is used to compare with the original material directly at the historic site, while the unmixed product should be used to perform an in-situ mock-up by the client. Mockups are encouraged as the specific application can influence the color and appearance of a material. When the client approves the Customized blend, they can then order as much material as required for the project. can fulfill orders ranging from a single quart, pail, or many pallets; there is no minimum order size.

The laboratory has had the privilege of assisting restoration projects nationwide from cottages to castles and has built a reputation for customer service and exceptional product consistency.  Our laboratory staff can be contacted to discuss your specific application and any material questions you might have. Those interested in sending samples for Custom Simulation or any other laboratory service can find sample submission forms online under the laboratory services page. Sending in a sample along with that form is a great way to start a conservation with the Laboratory Staff.

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