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“Mind the Gap” – Traditional Chinking and Daubing

12th annual International Preservation Trades Workshop , IPTW 2008 “A Place for the Trades” Barre, Vermont. July 18-20, 2008

Andy deGruchy – “Mind the Gap” – How to make Traditional “Log Chinking” (Daubing) Material and “Burnt Sand Mastic

A troublesome area to mend is where brick and stone meet window and door frames, eaves or any other juncture between wood and masonry including log chinking. Andy will demonstrate how to dissociate chemically bound water from sand and substitute it with common materials that allow a flexural compound to mind the gap so you don’t have to.

Biography: Andrew deGruchy is the president of deGruchy Masonry Restoration, Inc. His company has performed masonry work on hundreds of historic buildings in Bucks and Lehigh Counties, Pennsylvania since its founding over twenty-three years ago. Mr. deGruchy received his training from the nation’s oldest private trade school, The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades in Media, Pennsylvania, founded in 1888. He received their “Key” award for the advancement of its founding ideals. He has helped to write the masonry restoration specifications for state and national landmark buildings. He has lectured and trained on the subject of historic masonry restoration and is active in promoting volunteerism to save historic structures. Andy also owns and operates “Lime Works.US” which imports Natural Hydraulic Lime, (NHL), from France and Germany. NHL has desirable characteristics which make it effective in the repair of historic masonry structures.

3 thoughts on ““Mind the Gap” – Traditional Chinking and Daubing

  1. Ron Clark says:

    Would NHL 5 be the correct lime to mix with sand and clay for a daubbing mixture for re-daubbing an antique log cabin?

    1. Anthony (LimeWorks) says:

      Hello Ron, please check out this article on our blog which outlines our process for making daubing and chinking mixes for log cabins:

      In short, you would want to use NHL 2. NHL 5 does not contain enough free lime to give the flexibility a daubing/chinking mix requires. Check out that article and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional assistance! https://www.limeworks.us/contact-us/

      1. Janet Fuller says:

        Thank you so much Anthony for your knowledge & help

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