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One quick question on Natural Hydraulic Lime, FAQ Friday

Fall has arrived, this morning it was in the 40s! Randy has quick answer today in his FAQ entry…

Q: Does your Ecologic mortar product contain just sand and lime pre-mixed (what are the major contents) with no cement and all I would need to do is to add water?

A: Ecologic™ Mortar is a blend of 1 part Natural Hydraulic Lime 3.5 with 2.5 parts sand meeting ASTM C-144 and iron oxide pigments when appropriate in our 16 stock colors. When you want to begin repointing the stone mortar joints after proper preparation of the wall, all you do is add water to the powdered contents of the bag in either a 5-gallon pail or mortar mixer and mix for about 10 minutes, then get to work.

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