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Recently some of the employees of had the opportunity to learn more about our product Lithomex from Douglas Johnston, of Mason’s Mortar, Scotland. Lithomex is a natural hydraulic lime-based stone and brick patching material that comes in a variety of colors and can be textured to replicate any existing stone. The training course included lectures and hands-on work with Lithomex, providing us with different application techniques and a better understanding of what the capabilities of the product are. The course was approached from two angles, that of someone who has never used the material and that of a traditional stonemason, in order to illustrate that Lithomex can be used by anyone.

What makes Lithomex such a desirable material for patch repair comes from the nature of the material itself. Since it is lime-based it has all of the characteristics that you would want by using natural hydraulic lime, it is breathable allowing water vapor to move through keeping it from becoming trapped, which can lead to major problems if other patch materials were used.

Lithomex can be worked while still in its plastic state, once it is set, or any time in between, making it user friendly for the artist, sculptors, plasterers, and stonemasons alike. The training course mainly focused on applying the material to a wall, squaring up and leveling the Lithomex surface, and then tooling it while it was thumbprint hard and after its initial set. We were taught different tooling techniques that are commonly used on ashlar stonework, using the same tools which stonemasons would employ when they dress stone block, however with the added challenge of dressing the Lithomex “stone” while it is already on the surface of the wall. A section of the wall panel was also tooled to replicate that of a rubble stone wall. Other techniques that were learned were how to better utilize Lithomex in replicating more complex stone, such as granite (which has many different inclusions) and veining such as that found in marble.

The skills and information that were learned during this training course are going to be used to create a Lithomex Workshop by for anyone that wants to learn more about Lithomex. Two workshops for Lithomex will be offered: one is for a DIY person or novice mason and the second is for professionals who need official certification. Professionals can take our advanced courses in how to apply the material in order to replicate stone, brick, or terra cotta for any project where Lithomex is specified by Historical Restoration Architects and Historic Building Conservators.

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