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Working with Mix & Go – Guide

Mix & Go is a premixed product designed to provide all the benefits of traditional lime mortars for wider general use in the construction industry, particularly new construction and general building
repair.Mix & Go eliminates inconsistency in mixes, commonly associated with site practice, allows greater flexibility and comfort to the specifier in choosing a lime mortar by eliminating many of the misconceptions of use quite frequent amongst contractors not experienced in using lime mortars.Mix & Go contains a natural water retainer and air entrainer to improve the curing process, reduce the effects of moisture loss and aid workability. Because Mix & Go is made with properly graded sands it further reduces the need for contractors and speficiers to check local sands and aggregates for compliance. Well graded sands such as those used in Mix & Go reduce
shrinkage, improve vapor transfer and workability.

In its basic versions, coarse (G type) and fine (F type) with granulometry of 1/16″ and 1/32″ respectively, mix & Go can be used in almost all building applications. Different granulometry is available for special applications (roughcast, harling).

Once applied Mix & Go will be durable, matching the performance of traditionally made lime mortars. The type G mortar is based on a moderately hydraulic lime (NHL 3.5), particularly suitable for normal, moderate and exposed climatic locations and is an excellent material for pointing and building, internal plaster base coats, finished renders and decorative surface finishes. The Type F Mortar is particularly suited to pointing and building tightly jointed masonry units and for finer finishing coats in rendering, colored or plain and as finishing coats for internal plastering. It is also available as a pre-colored material for scraped and textured finishes for architectural
feature walls.

The range of colors available is vast and pigmentation is finely controlled to an extent that will guarantee the same color in successive batches. The dispersion of the pigments is very high to ensure that no color streaks will appear. The use of a pre-colored material eliminates the need for painting.

Mix & Go is normally made to order and delivery is about 2 weeks. It can be applied manually or using suitable spray equipment available from St. Astier distributors.

and pointing:
Use type G for joint sizes between 1/4″ and 3/4″. Joints above this size might require a coarser version of Mix & Go. Type F is suitable for smaller joints (1/8″ to 3/8″)
Plasters and
renders :
type G for bonding , base and rough finishing coats type F for wooden floated finishing coats Surfaces should not be overworked with steel floats. Follow normal working practices in protection and curing (see also General Guidelines: Plastering
with NHL
and NHL Renders documents).
Follow mix 7 Go data sheet instructions.
Slurry coats can be made adding more water if cast or sprayed on.

The versatility of the St. Astier limes will allow special versions of Mix & Go to be designed for applications such as sacrificial coatings, smooth plastering, flooring. Please consult your St. Astier distributor.Mix & Go offers the discerning builder extremely high vapor permeability ensuring that no moisture will be retained in the built structure. It also has a superior elasticity than cementitious products and greater natural workability. Mix & Go can be worked for longer period than cementitious mixes and has the qualities of lime finishes, warm and aesthetically very pleasing with color tones and effects similar to lime washes but far more durable.

The absence of cement, ashes, gypsum and other pozzolanic additions together with its other qualities, make Mix & Go highly suitable for repair and conservation work on traditional, vernacular and historic buildings. In new build the properties of Mix & Go will allow joint free construction, dispersion of condensation and will accommodate small settlement movements.

Ecofriendly characteristics:

High vapor exchange qualities
Produced with lower energy than cementitious mixes
Re-absorption of CO2 in curing
Will not deteriorate timber
Recycling of building materials
Elimination of painted finishes


The details in this document are given for information purposes only. Final dosages and application should be checked with our technicians. The Factory reserves the right to alter specifications

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