Discussion on Masonry Preservation and Sustainable uses for Lime

Join us June 27th in Lancaster PA at the Central Pennsylvania Preservation Society. Lab Tech Randy Ruth will be presenting on the importance of appropriate masonry restoration with lime and the harm caused to countless historic structures across the country by Portland Cement. Randy will be presenting on 3 main topics and doing demonstrations. The event is free to the public and light refreshments will be served.

Review the presentation topics below and follow this link to register.

Historic Mortars: The Chemistry that Binds our Built Environment will review the use and development of masonry mortars spanning over nearly 5,000 years, as well as the basic chemistry of mortar manufacture and application and the role it plays in masonry buildings today and prior to 1870.

Masonry Preservation: Technical Applications of Common Masonry Problems will dive deeper into the application of different types of mortars to solve common masonry issues. Benefits of lime mortars will be discussed – including suitable Portland cement applications. Silicate consolidants, stains, and paints will be touched on regarding painting new buildings and preserving older structures.

Preservation & Sustainability will bring together the history and preservation of masonry and mortars to show how the preservation of masonry structures via adaptive reuse is key tot the sustainability of a community. Concepts such as urban planning and architectural significance will be touched on, as well as traditional building methods for low-rise new construction and how it affects a local economy.


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