Historic Conservation

The Bill of Rights for Masonry Structures

Article 1 Respect all that is left of me, sacred as it is, my historic fabric.


Article 2 Clean me not, unless it serves to halt my further deterioration.


Article 3 But, if you must, clean me first, just water please, and the gentlest means possible.


Article 4 If am clean, but still look old, leave me be, graceful aging, it is called.


Article 5 Whatever you do, please don’t boil me in acid or scour me with sand.


Article 6 Know that a good state of repair is in itself, good preservation.


Article 7 Know what is wrong with me, before you plan how to fix me.


Article 8 Repair me only where I need it, and with materials just like me.


Article 9 If I am leaking water, find out where and fix just that.


Article 10 Please, no cure-all surface treatments to cover me up or clog my pores.


Photo Credits:

  1. Bryan Papciak
  2. Sean K Maxwell
  3. Kate Milford
  4. Steven A. Cholewiak
  5. Rasekh Fatmi
  6. Trey Ratcliff
  7. Trey Ratcliff
  8. Trey Ratcliff
  9. Frank DiBona
  10. Trey Ratcliff

Originally written by: Larry D. Jones
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2 thoughts on “The Bill of Rights for Masonry Structures

  1. Dillon says:

    Hey, Steve ԝith Bridges.
    Fantastіⅽ “The Bill of Rіghts for Masonrү Structures”
    certainly an interestіng subject
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  2. Andrei says:

    I really admire these structures.

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