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Checking up on the Lithomex Repairs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

lithomex repairs

A team from recently ventured up to NYC. While there, they took some time to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a repair campaign in 2005 used St. Astier Lithomex to do a number of repairs on the Fifth Avenue street facade. Lithomex is a Natural Hydraulic Lime based stone and brick repair material that is environmentally friendly and a more suitable product for repairing sandstone compared to modern epoxy or Portland cement based repair materials. During the preliminary phase, it was discovered that the museum had suffered significant damage due to the use of Portland cement based mortars with relatively low porosity in earlier repair campaigns.

Lithomex has been used throughout the country for stone repair on historic brownstones, sand blasted brick buildings and decorative masonry. Because of its Natural Hydraulic Lime base, it’s an environmentally friendly and LEED qualifiable product.

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