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Chalky Finish With Lime Paint, FAQ Friday

Q: I want to use Lime Paint as a finish of my basement walls but am worried about it chalking. What can I do to prevent or fix this?

A: When used as a finish over any sort of acceptable masonry, Lime Paint can create a beautiful durable finish when applied appropriately. Chalking of a Lime Paint can be reduced when it is applied in numerous very thin coats as always recommended. Although it will not be eliminated, it will certainly help for the longevity of the coating. Now if chalking is of the upmost concern there is a simple solution. By applying one thin coat of Ecologic Waterglass, (potassium based “water glass”) almost all chalking is eliminated. The color of the finish may change slightly depending on the absorbency of the background and Lime Paint. Typically, this is so slight that it is inconsequential.

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