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Colorwash Stain, For Brick Walls With Mismatched Brick

Q: There are some bricks in wall that are mismatched in color. Is there a way to have them match without removing them?

A: While this question comes up from time to time, most often people don’t know that they can easily remedy such a problem and don’t bother to ask. By using silicate stains many colors and variations can be achieved to change the color of masonry permanently.

These stains are applied with a simple foam brush when the bricks are clean and free of moisture. They can only be applied in weather conditions above 40 degrees (F). Prior to a repointing campaign, bricks can be very easily stained and then repointed to achieve a uniform appearance. Since silicate stains are acid resistant gentle masonry detergents can be used to clean smeared brickwork after repointing. Make sure that the silicate staining work is fully cured before any light cleaning, as necessary, so that there is no damage to the stained finish.

Example of brick stained in two different solid colors and 1 example modeled with three different colors to achieve a more distinctive distressed appearance.

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