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Restoring the Historic French Quarter with Breathable Lime Mortar

Founded in 1718, the French Quarter or Vieux Carré is the oldest neighborhood of New Orleans. Much of the quarter’s historic buildings were constructed before New Orleans even became part of the United States. Built extensively with lime mortars before the invention of portland cement, the iconic french quarter is a standing testament to the success of breathable masonry construction. These historic structures are now protected from demolition and any restoration or renovation efforts must be approved and performed with appropriate historic methods and materials to match the original historic architecture. During a recent visit, the LimeWorks.us team presented to the Vieux Carré Commission responsible for approving all restoration efforts to share with them a better understanding of breathable natural hydraulic lime mortars for appropriate masonry restoration. During their visit, the team documented deteriorating buildings and further damage that has been caused due to poor repair materials including harmful portland cement.

The team also spent a day with some of the leading area stonemasons, plasterers, and interior designers at Masonry Products in a workshop, teaching them appropriate methods and techniques for mixing and applying breathable Ecologic™ Mortar for repointing and plaster applications along with Lithomex for breathable stone and brick repair work. The team demonstrated mixing procedures, application and curing methods as well as breathable silicate paints and stains.

To learn more about appropriate historic masonry restoration or to start working with breathable lime mortars in New Orleans, visit Masonry Products at 401 N Alexander Street, the newest distribution hub for LimeWorks.us Ecologic™ Mortar and Natural Hydraulic Lime.

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